Keeping a Family Garden Tidy

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If your garden has seen a little more action than normal over recent weeks, you might be wondering how you can arrange things to keep it a bit tidier in the future.

Gardens, as we’ve learnt more than ever just lately, are a precious resource for a family, so it’s worth the effort to stay on top of little jobs that need doing and organise storage to keep tools and machinery safe.

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Beds and Borders

Flower beds are lovely, colourful, and good for the bees and other insects. They’re not so great when small children want to play, though. Encouraging children to stay off flower beds can be stressful for all of you, so you could consider giving over a few to lawns so there’s more space to run around freely. Grass is also easier to maintain than beds that need weeding and watering. A quick mow and you’re done.

Having said that, gardening can be a great activity for kids. Not only can you teach and show them where food comes from if you get them to grow some veg of their own, you can maybe also get them to respect your flower borders when they realise they don’t want the plants they’re looking after trampled either!

Organising Garden Gadgets and Tools

No matter how big your shed or garage is, there never seems enough storage for everything, at least not if you also want a workable space that’s not a health hazard. When you add garden playthings to tools and electricals, cars and bikes, storage quickly gets eaten up.

One solution is to take a seasonal approach, and put what you’re not currently using into self storage. It frees up space for the things you need access to on a regular basis, and also keeps what’s in store in good condition without risk of damage.

Once you’ve cleared some space, it’s easier to see how you can arrange things for safer storage in the garage or shed. You could fit hooks for spades and forks or hoses, and shelves for tubs of small tools or fixings. Bike hangers can get you some floor space in the garage, or fit a cycle rack so you’re not leaning bikes against each other by the wall. 

Looking After Garden Furnishings

Having comfy furniture in the garden is lovely, but it soon gets shabby and uninviting if it’s not maintained. Regular maintenance doesn’t have to take long but it helps in the fight to keep the garden tidy for the family.

  • Open up parasols after rain, so they get a chance to dry out without going mouldy.
  • Sponge down plastic or wicker furnishings and tables with warm soapy water every so often. Rinse with clean water and just let everything air dry.
  • Rinse off climbing frames, swings or other garden play equipment to keep it clean and safe.
  • Take the cushions or throws off chairs and loungers indoors at the end of the day. Even just placing them in the shed or garage will prevent them from going damp overnight. If you’ve put all non-essential possessions into a self storage facility you’ll hopefully have room to install a shelf so there’s somewhere convenient to put cushions.

The garden should ideally be an extension of the house, your outdoor room for relaxing and playing. Keeping it tidy and easy to maintain so it works well for your personal circumstances helps you make the most of it.

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