Expert Hacks To Make A Small Living Room Seem Bigger

Living in a small apartment comes with quite a few unique challenges. And while hearing your neighbors all the time might be annoying enough, you’ll probably need to get creative when it comes to organizing furniture and decor. 

Arranging a smaller living room is often the trickiest part. So we’ve rounded up a few expert tips to help you make a small living room seem bigger. 

Wood Floor Sofa Interior Design Living Room

Simplify The Color Scheme

If you decide to incorporate a vast palette of different colors and tones, you’ll end up with a cluttered and messy-looking living room. Instead, opt for a simple color scheme that avoids bold and dark colors that will overwhelm the smaller space. Choose a color scheme that only uses a single color in different tones and tints. 

Choose Compact Furniture

Even though you might have your heart set on a large leather sofa set or a statement mahogany coffee table, these large furnishings will overpower a small space. 

So it’s best to choose compact living room furniture. You can find compact coffee tables, side tables, consoles, and more in modern or vintage styles. 

Find A Focal Point

Most living room interiors work best when there is a clear focal point. This area must draw your attention the moment you enter the room. For many living rooms, a fireplace serves this vital purpose. 

But there’s a good chance your apartment doesn’t have a fireplace. Fortunately, you can create the same effect with an accent wall, mounting a statement mirror, or investing in a bespoke console if you have the budget.

Leave Some Space

If your living room is too small for a three-piece sofa set, it’s best to go for an L-shaped sofa or a two-seater sofa and an occasional chair. Moreover, use one side table instead of two. 

Sometimes, it’s best to use only a coffee table and avoid side tables altogether. Rather than trying to squash in as much as possible, use minimal furniture items to leave some breathing space.

Consider Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional living room furniture that doubles up as storage is an excellent investment for anyone that lives in a small apartment. You’ll find sofas with storage compartments, coffee tables with drawers, and more. 

Add More Lighting

While you will want to throw out any extravagant statement hanging lighting, adding more lighting to the room can make it seem bigger. Add a floor lamp, table lamp, or wall-mounted lights to brighten up the space. Moreover, instead of choosing accent lighting, opt for modern designs that offer a minimalist look. 

Avoid Too Many Patterns

When choosing decorative items, like a throw blanket, scatter cushions, an area rug, and drapes, it’s essential to avoid patterns. Patterns can overwhelm the room the same way too many colors can. Instead, choose texture over busy prints to decorate your living. 

Even though it can be challenging to furnish and decorate a smaller living room, there are many clever ways to make smaller living rooms seem bigger.

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