Create a Bedroom Your Teen Will Love

Teenagers often have unique storage needs and preferences, requiring bedroom spaces
that are both functional, but able to meet their evolving tastes and interests. Here are some
ways to create unique and adaptable bedroom storage for a teen’s room, along with a
couple of bonus ideas to make the space attractive and useful.

Customisable Closet/Wardrobe Systems

Customisable closet systems include adjustable shelves, hanging rods, and drawers to
accommodate changing storage needs as teens grow and their clothing preferences evolve.
Incorporate features such as shoe racks, accessory organisers, and built-in laundry hampers
to maximise space and help keep items tidy. Fashion conscious teens can accumulate
extensive wardrobes, so maybe consider self storage options for out-of-season items.

Under-Bed Storage Solutions

Don’t waste the space under the bed, but use it for storage by incorporating rolling bins,
drawers, or storage boxes. These can be used to store clothing, shoes, extra bedding, or
seasonal items, freeing up valuable floor space in the bedroom. Another similar solution
along the same lines is to opt for divan or ottoman style beds that have built in storage.

Floating Shelves and Wall Organisers

Install floating shelves or wall-mounted organisers above desks or near the bed to display
books, decorative items, and personal belongings. This helps to free up the desk and
bedside table surfaces while adding visual interest to the room. Make it extra versatile and
interesting by including a mix of open shelving and closed storage options.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Younger teens may enjoy multi-functional furniture pieces that serve dual purposes, such as
a loft bed with a built-in desk or seating area underneath. This maximises floor space while
providing dedicated areas for studying, lounging, or socialising. Look for ottomans, storage
benches, or poufs that offer hidden storage for extra blankets, pillows, or gaming
accessories as well as giving somewhere to sit.

Over-the-Door Organisers

Over-door organisers for wardrobes or bedroom doors are simple and humble solutions that
are often overlooked. Use them to store shoes, accessories, hobby or leisure items as well
as school supplies. These organisers use vertical space effectively and provide quick and
easy access to frequently used items without taking up valuable floor or wall space.

Tech Storage Solutions

Seek out storage that’s specifically designed for organising electronic devices, chargers, and
cables. This could include cable management systems, charging stations, or desk organisers
with compartments for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Keeping tech accessories
organised reduces clutter and makes it easier for teens to stay connected and productive.

Personalised Storage Containers

Encourage teens to personalise their storage containers with labels, decals, or decorative
accents that reflect their personality and style. Likely candidates include storage bins,
baskets, or boxes for clothing, accessories, art supplies, or hobbies. Boost creativity and self-
expression by letting teens choose storage solutions that resonate with them.

Create a Study Zone

Teenage years can be filled with intense study needs. It can help enormously if you can
create a designated study zone in the bedroom equipped with a desk, comfortable chair,
and adequate lighting. Include desk organisers, file folders, and shelving units to keep study
materials, textbooks, and school supplies organised and easily accessible. A quiet, private
study area helps teens focus on homework and school projects.

Display Personal Memorabilia

Leave plenty of wall space for teens to display personal keepsakes, such as photographs,
artwork, awards, or souvenirs that hold sentimental value. This could include hanging photo
frames, corkboards and pegboards, or shadow boxes on walls or shelves. Encourage teens
to make their own gallery wall or display area that showcases their interests, skills, and

Include Comfortable Seating

Include comfortable seating other than the bed, such as bean bags, floor cushions, or lounge
chairs where teens can relax, socialise, or unwind. Of course, this depends on the space
available, but if there’s no room for additional seating maybe it would be worth considering
a sofa bed or day bed instead of a traditional bed.

Use Their Ideas and Preferences

When you’re designing a teen’s bedroom, involve them in every stage of the process, from
décor to furnishings and fabrics. They’ll love the room far more when they’ve had a say in
what it contains.

Once the room is finished and organised, encourage your teen to keep the clutter down,
maybe through the use of self storage so you can avoid difficult decisions about throwing
things away. Storage unit rental costs may be lower than you expect, and can actually be a
solid solution for all the family, letting everyone enjoy more space in the house.

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