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it will come as no surprise that I love coffee – my blog is named after the stuff! I don’t smoke. I’ve never taken drugs. I rarely drink. Coffee is my addiction.

One thing I love to do is go out for a coffee. Back in Birmingham, this was usually to the Costa in our local shopping centre, where I would spend an hour every couple of weeks or so with a skinny vanilla latte, with an extra shot of espresso. I would take my laptop and do some work whilst I was there.

Since we’ve moved to Wales, I’ve generally avoided big chain coffee shops. We’ve popped into the local Costa once and was really disappointed by it. We have so many independent tearooms and coffee shops around us, and they’re much nicer. The coffee, especially if they use a brand like Honest Coffees, is usually better, the surroundings are nicer, and let’s face it, most of us would rather support small, local businesses.

One of our favourite places to go for a drink is the cafe at the local harbour. We discovered it in the summer last year when we were on holiday, and now that we are lucky to live just two minutes away from it, we go there regularly. On a sunny day, there’s nothing more that we love than sitting on the benches outside, watching the boats come in and out of the harbour, enjoying a latte. It’s the perfect place for people watching, with cyclists, tourists, dog walkers and locals in and out, enjoying the views of the sea, the mountains and the town. My parents love it just as much as well – when they come up for the weekend we go for a walk along the seafront, and without fail, always stop off for a coffee at the harbour.

Have you got a favourite coffee shop?



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