Cleaning a Deep Fat Fryer

Tips for Using a Deep Fat Fryer

There are just so many tasty and exciting treats that can be made in a deep fat fryer and they are all just so easy to make.  Take a look at these reviews from Which Cooker and find the best deep fat fryer. If you get put off by the colossal job of cleaning off deeply encrusted grime it is time to learn how to clean your deep fat fryer properly.

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All it takes is a bit of introduction to the various parts of a deep fat fryer to get it all cleaned out properly and set you back on your way to eating something great. Here is what you need to know to clean a deep fat fryer in 10  easy steps.

1.         Get your cleaning kit together

To begin with collect the following items:

  • Container for oil
  • Detergent
  • Plastic spatula
  • Scouring sponge
  • Paper Towels
  • Soft brush

2.         Start safely

Safety should always be the number one priority when cleaning out a fryer. Here are the essential steps to know about:

  • Make sure it has cooled completely.
  • Turn off and unplug your fryer.
  • Wrap power cables in paper towels and set them aside to protect against spills.

3.         How to drain the oil

The oil can be removed and placed in a separate container to be used at a later time. If you’re planning on reusing the oil you will want to make doubly sure that it is not dirty, rancid or that there has been no significant change in color. If your oil appears to be unusable, dispose of it properly. 

4. How to clean a fryer basket

Remove the basket section from the fryer and use a hot water bath and detergent to keep it clean now it is time for muscle action. Using a light yet vigorous scrubbing action, use a scourer to begin cleaning the debris and build up grime from the mesh, then rinse with warm water and leave it on the dish rack to dry.

4.         How to remove debris from the fryer

You will want to blot all the excess oil that has remained in the fryer, before you begin clearing off the debris that has become lodged on the inside. Pull out a nice plastic spatula that can scrape well without leaving any scratches.

5.         How to clean a fryer

Now it is time to clean the fryer itself. Begin by getting yourself a nice big bowl of warm and soapy water. Then use the sponge to begin the slow tedious job of cleaning with small circular motions. Finally, fill your fryer with hot water and a drop of soap and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes. This will loosen the last of the grease and grime. 

7. How to clean the filters

Filters are removable and this means that there is an easy way to keep them clean. Just remove them from their place and clean them gently with a paper towel. If this is not working, you may need to use a bit of detergent as well.

8. Finishing touches

Just about done. Once the hot water soak has done its work, you can empty the water and rinse the fryer out. Let the interior drain away as you dry off the exterior while giving it a little polish with that paper towel.

9. Safety dos and don’ts

  • Don’t attempt to clean while the fryer is plugged in.
  • Keep water away from electric cables.
  • Always make sure the oil is cool before draining.
  • Never immerse the fryer in water.

10. On-going maintenance

Here are a few points that will help make the task of maintenance a bit easier:

  • Clean your fryer regularly
  • Wipe up oil splashes with a paper towel.
  • Brush clean heating coils when the oil is drained.
  • Follow the fryer’s manual for operating and cleaning instructions

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