Benjamin’s 7 Month Update


I nearly missed this one – it has came around so quickly!!

This last month has been a HUGE month in terms of development for Ben. We had a couple of really unsettled weeks, and then suddenly, not one, but two teeth appeared. Harrison and Alex were nine and ten months old before they had any signs of a tooth, so I certainly wasn’t expecting two of them this early! Since they’ve popped through, he has generally been more settled and a lot happier.

Another big thing this month is that he is now crawling – and is getting around the house so quickly. Just a few minutes before I started writing this, I couldn’t see him – he had crawled down the gap between the sofa and dresser. No stopping him now!


All this extra energy that he is burning off means that he is sometimes sleeping through the night. He’s not in bed with us anymore, as we got round to putting the big cot up. He goes to sleep around 7.30, and generally sleeps through until around 6am. Even then, he has a bottle and will go back to sleep for half an hour or so. It’s not every night, but it’s happening more and more. He has to have a sleeping bag on in his cot because he is such a fidget – even in his sleep he is up on his knees trying to crawl around the cot!


He’s really beginning to show an interest in everything around him, reaching out to grab things (my phone and hair being his favourites!) and laughing at his brothers. He recently noticed our cat, and has started to try and chase him.


Weaning is going brilliantly, much more smoothly than it did with Harrison and Alex. There doesn’t seem to be much he doesn’t like, apart from sausages. On holiday he had noodles and loved them, and yesterday even ate half a pickled onion. I don’t think he is going to be a fussy eater in the slightest!


He is certainly not a little baby anymore!!



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