Things to keep in mind when choosing your E-cigarette

Things to keep in mind when choosing your E-cigarette

An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered vaporizer stimulating smoke but without burning or inhaling tobacco. It is a much safer option when you are looking to get rid of the traditional cigarette. It is suggested and approved by many health experts. The process of using this device is called ‘vaping’ and the consumer is a ‘vaper’. These are trending and are the hot selling product at present. There are plenty of places you can purchase one from, in fact, you can buy vape kits here.

There are many different kinds of E-cigarettes available in the market today for you to choose from. There are lots of various flavours available too, from fruity cherry to peppermint and coffee. Whatever type you choose, there is a flavour to suit you. It can get confusing to decide what to buy and what not to with so many options available, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

Before we go forward to know more about the electronic cigarettes, it is important, especially for the beginners, for you to know exactly what vaping is and how is it different from smoking. According to Firefly Vapor, when choosing your first vape, you should look for the right flavor that resembles the taste of your regular cigarette . Let us now learn about the E-cigarettes available in the market and some things you can keep in mind while shopping for your electronic cigarette.

Type of electronic cigarette :

  • Cig-A-likes: These look like basic traditional cigarettes, they are small and lightweight. These are the most popular and the simplest go-to option if you are just starting with vaping. These are also called mini cigs.
  • Vape Pens: This is a medium-sized cigar looking device, these pens have a longer life span and give more uses as well as produce more vapor. This is the second generation E-cigarette.
  • Vaping Mods: These are the most advanced vaporizers. They are portable and very small in size. They produce much more vapor than the 1st and 2nd generation E-cigs. These are the Latest generation e-cigarettes which are designed for the modern vaper for smokers who are trying to switch to vaping from regular cigarette smoking. It is a mini vape comprising of the two-part system: a pod filled with e-juice which snaps into a battery

Starter Kit:

Once the vaper has decided which type of E-cigarette they want to use, it comes to picking a starter kit, which is essential as it contains all the required materials like batteries, vaporizers, materials. There are a lot of starter kits available like pre-filled, one with disposable cartomizers and many more but it depends on the vaper to choose according to their budget and needs.

Battery Life:

When buying an E-cigarette, considering the battery life of the device is very important. As you are investing so much money in buying something you enjoy, so it should fulfill the purpose you are purchasing it for. Factors like longer-lasting battering which are slightly longer in appearance might suit people who smoke more at home. But for those whose consumption is more outside, it will be a little uneasy to carry such a long device outside always. You can also go for devices that come with rechargeable batteries for convenience. Check if your battery comes with a warranty. Also, you can choose between automatic and manual battery systems according to what fits your needs. 

Quality of the device’s brand:

The vape industry is on a high right now, with so many different brands and producing different electronic cigarette devices, flavors, pods and so on. So, it is important to compare different brands, their product, its size, price, previous reviews and make a decision based on all these factors involved.

Performance of the device

Expectations from an E-cigarette’s vapor production capacity can vary from person to person as everyone has a different level of usage. If you are a heavy smoker, you require higher vapor production and a longer battery run to satisfy your needs. Whereas a light smoker will be content with a light vapor bearing device and a short battery life.


While shopping for your E-cigarette, do not take a risk as you are investing in a device that you are probably going to use very frequently. Always inquire about the warranty being offered on the device or even other parts, such as batteries, starter kits, so that if you ever have a problem, you have a way out beforehand. It is also important to shop from a trusted retailer or online store, as they can provide more information about the warranty period, etcetera. 

Maintenance of an E-cigarette:

Whatever E-cigarette you are using, you have to do certain things for it to keep functioning properly. Such as replacing atomizers, (which heats the e-juice and converts it to vapor) every week to a couple of weeks, depending upon the usage. The same goes for replacing the pod, topping up the flavor and the e-juice.

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