The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Video

A wedding is an important event that requires a lot of planning and execution. There might be many things to take care of, but you would not want your effort to go in vain without the perfect video of the event captured. A wedding video is also known as a wedding film for the perfect reason of documenting a part of a life story.

More than just about capturing the wedding part, it involves the capturing of the whole scenario. Videographers can professionally handle this. However, you should understand that it is an important task, and there are things to know before making decisions. Always look for local agencies to handle the occasion. For instance, if you are from Seattle, make sure the agency you booked should be from Seattle as well, as they are well versed with locality and other things. Let us look into the dos and don’ts of wedding videos.

Things to consider while choosing wedding videographers

  1. To find your videographer in advance and discuss the event. Do not wait for the last minute to end up out of options.
  2. Do good research on the videographer and evaluate their samples to understand their line of work and editing.
  3. Try to draft a contract of what is included and the costing mentioned for each process, discuss and understand the rates before making a final decision.
  4. Do give an itinerary of the event to the videographer beforehand and maintain communication if any changes occur about the event or time.
  5. Do not try your luck with amateurs if you are not sure. Hiring professionals is best.
  6. Try to have a backup videographer, too; it’s always best not to take chances.

Things to consider for Wedding Video

  1. Do include all the important events and also the reaction of the friends and relatives. All these make the video personal and memorable.
  2. Do not try to just focus on the bride and groom; there are many parts where parents and relatives play a significant part in the event.
  3. To discuss the venues of the event prior helps plan types of cameras, lenses and equipment required for the best capture.
  4. Do have a clear idea of wedding planning, decorations and theme; this is important for planning the tones and lighting of the video.
  5. Do not try to put together a photomontage of childhood pictures in the video; this can take away the overall vibe of the wedding and other related moments.
  6. Do not opt for raw footage in addition to the original file; it’s practically not worth it.

Hiring a wedding videographer

As important as getting the wedding video done, it is important to hire the right videographer too. Always go for a good extensive search and lean on to understand the styles of different videographers. You can take the help of the internet; if you are looking for one in Seattle, do a Google search for Seattle wedding videography and you will get the list of best agencies around you. There are established studios and companies that exclusively handle wedding shoots. Discuss and choose wisely.


Capturing the wedding video requires a lot of effort, and there is no room for errors. A one-time moment needs to be captured with the greatest precision and care. A group effort with good communication of the requirements must visualize the beautiful dream wedding shot into perfection. A wedding video is complete when the real essence of the moment of joy and commitment is conveyed while watching the video later. Perfectly encapsulating the raw emotions and actions of joy and celebration into a video format is an art.

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