3 Places to Visit for Home Inspiration in West Midlands

I live in North Wales now, but up until October last year, Birmingham was my home. Whilst I make no bones about the fact that I didn’t enjoy living there, the West Midlands is an excellent place for shopping and inspiration in fashion, food and interiors. There are shops galore, ranging from the large chain stores we are all familiar with, to small and independent boutiques. Not only that, but the area has some of the most forward thinking and stunning architecture in the country – just look at the Grand Central Station and the new Central Library in Birmingham city centre.

Today, I’m sharing with you three places to visit for home inspiration in the West Midlands – you may well be surprised!

3 Places to Visit for Home Inspiration in West Midlands

  1. Wetherspoons Pubs

No, seriously. Go to a Wetherspoons. Any Wetherspoons. Ignore the beer and burger meal deals (ok, so they are my guilty pleasure but hey, we all have one!) and look around. Many old buildings have been transformed into Wetherspoons, and I think they do a really good job of keeping some of the original features of the building – often old theatres or cinemas. Our local one in Birmingham had lights made from old wine bottles which looked amazing!

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2. Freak le Chic Interiors, Knowle

If you’re into beautiful, shabby chic, this is the shop for you. It’s tucked away off the high street in Knowle (just outside of Solihull) but is well worth a mooch around in. It’s like a tiny little treasure trove of furniture, soft furnishings, mirrors, pictures, candles and blankets. It’s one of those places that you walk around saying ‘oooooh’ and ‘ahhhhhhh’ – just don’t take the kids!

3. DW Windows – Double Glazing showrooms in Cosely and Sedgley

Ok, so maybe not quite as exciting and interesting as going shopping for all the cute fun bits for inside the house, but you know, windows and doors are kind of important when it comes to your home! I personally love spending a little while thinking about conservatories and how we could add extra space to the house – to fill with pretty things!


Where are your favourite places to visit for home inspiration in the West Midlands? I’d love you to leave some suggestions below!


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