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Us women are notorious for not really knowing what we want. Have you ever seen that film,’What Women Want’ by Mel Gibson? Well, I don’t know about you, but that sums up me most of the time. Graham is always struggling to choose gifts for me because I change my mind about everything so often.

I’m sure he is not the only one. I know my brothers have text me in the past asking for help and advice when choosing a gift for our mum or their girlfriends. I know if they asked the recipient outright, they would get a straight answer, but where is the fun in that?

Rattan Direct have come up with a survey to find out what women really want for the next big event in the calendar – Valentines Day. If you ant to get involved, you can find the survey here. I think it is going to show some really interesting, and possibly unexpected results!

Personally, Graham and I don’t really celebrate Valentines Day. We did in our life before kids – we went out for a meal and bought each other small gifts, but now it’s just another day. We usually buy each other cards, although there have been years where we haven’t. This year we definitely won’t be celebrating it – Graham is at work on nights so it’s just me and the kids!

If we were to celebrate it, I would forget about the presents and treat ourselves to an Indian takeaway once the kids are in bed. We don’t have anyone here in Wales to babysit the kids so there are no romantic meals in a restaurant for us! We would put down the phones, tablets and laptops and spend an evening snuggled up watching a movie, maybe with a bottle of wine.

How would you spend your Valentines Day?

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