What Would I Do If I Won The Lottery?

Every so often, Graham and I have that conversation about what we would do if we won the lottery. The lottery is the only form of gambling that either of us does, checking the Irish lottery online results every week to see if we have won anything. We’ve had a couple of small wins, but we’re still waiting for that one that is going to make us a millionaire!

If we won the lottery, the first thing we would do is book a holiday somewhere. We’ve only been on two holidays since we’ve had the kids and both of those were short breaks to somewhere in the UK. What we both would love (and to be honest, need!) is two weeks somewhere hot. We’d need to go and get passports because none of us has them and new wardrobes, but hey, a lottery win makes that pretty easy to sort out! We’d also pay for my family to come with us as well – they all deserve a holiday!

We would then look at buying a house or a bungalow somewhere here in North Wales. Knowing we would have stability forever would be the best feeling ever – we wouldn’t want something too big or too flash, just a home we can enjoy and really make our own. I’d also buy my parents a house here because I know that living here is also a dream of theirs.

We would give our brothers and sisters a big chunk of money to do what they want with, and I’d also make sure my little baby nephew has a little trust fund set up with money put aside for any further nieces and nephews., as I would with my own children. Making sure my family has security for the rest of their lives is so important to me.

I’d then do some boring stuff – invest in it something (property, maybe?). I don’t really understand all that sort of thing, but I’d get a financial expert who knows what they’re talking about to help me decide what to do. I’d also like to open some sort of little business, something that I can pay someone to do all the day to day runnings but if I want to it’s there for me to go to. Perhaps a little teashop or something – they always do well here in North Wales.

Will it ever happen? I don’t know. The only way we can be in with a chance is to keep playing and keep our fingers crossed


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