What Does It Cost To Replace Toyota Rav-4 Brake Pads?

The Toyota Rav-4 continues to be one of the most popular compact SUVs on the market, a distinction it has held since it was first released in 1994. Part of what makes Rav-4s and Toyotas in general so popular is their reliability. Of course, they still require regular maintenance to keep them on the road. Changing the brake pads is something every SUV owner needs to take care of from time to time.

Cost of Changing Brake Pads

Anyone can learn to change brake pads with some basic tools and jack stands. So, the least expensive way to change them is to do it yourself. Alternatively, buy some new brake pads and have a trusted mechanic install them.

Brake pads for a current-generation Rav-4 range from about $32 to $56. Duralast Max Ceramic Brake Pads are among the best Toyota Rav-4 brake pads. They will set you back $55.99 per set. Keep in mind that you need both rear and front brake pads and on the Rav-4, like most vehicles, these are different sizes. For the Duralast pads, DG1210 is the size for the front and DG1212 for the rear.

If you are going to change the pads yourself, you will also need brake grease, a tire iron, a socket wrench, a brake tool, a jack, jack stands and the service manual for your exact model of Rav-4. You likely already have at least a jack and tire iron. The other tools may set you back a little on your first job, but you can continue to use them. Only the brake pads and grease are consumable.

How To Save on Brake Pads

Brake pads are a relatively inexpensive item that you can pick up at your favorite auto parts stores. Make sure to check if there is a rewards program that will give you perks for making purchases. This can be a great way to get free parts and tools.

Another good way to save is to ask if there are any special discounts. For example, many stores offer a military discount. It never hurts to simply ask.

How To Change Brake Pads

The process of changing brake pads is fairly simple. You should follow the specific instructions for your vehicle. However, the process is almost always close to the following:

  • Jack your vehicle up and put jack stands in place.
  • Remove the tire.
  • Remove the caliper assembly and old pads.
  • Add brake grease to the new pads and put them in place.
  • Adjust the caliper assembly with your brake tool then reposition it over the new pads.
  • Insert and tighten the assembly bolts.
  • Replace the wheel and lower your vehicle.

Get StartedDon’t wait to replace your Rav-4’s brake pads. Take advantage of a free VIN scanner at your auto parts store to get all the right parts for your SUV. Working on your vehicle is a rewarding experience. You can get started today with some basic tools, new brake pads and a little patience. You’ll be rewarded with a well-maintained Toyota Rav-4 you can be proud of.

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