What are the effects of an unhealthy marriage on your children?

“Children are great imitators; give them something great to imitate.”

Children require care and love while they are growing up. Parents need to ensure a loving, healthy, and stress-free environment at home when their kids are in the developing stage. It is only possible for parents to do so when they have consistency in their life. There are several parents who keep fighting and yelling at each other. It results in an unstable environment at home. 

Such toxic relationships tend to affect children negatively. An unhealthy marriage can have a detrimental effect on your children’s minds and bodies. This article mentions some of the characteristics noticed among children staying with parents having an unhealthy marriage. 

Anxiety issues 

Children who watch their parents fighting with each other now and then tend to have anxiety issues. Parents may not realize this, but their actions such as yelling, throwing stuff on the floor, hitting their counterparts, or passing judgments about each other trigger anxiety in their children. In a discussion with divorce mediators at Beermann LLP, they disclosed how living in a toxic environment can have more adverse effects on children’s psychology than a divorce settlement. 

Children stay anxious about what will happen when their parents return home from work. Whether or not parents consider it, their upheaval deprives the child of primary care and parental attention. 

Develop unhealthy relationships

When a child is in the developing stage, he ought to have a good environment and see good examples. A child that experiences an unstable parental relationship; ought to think that this is normal. As a result, he creates unhealthy relationships starting from his formative years. In many cases, it can also become a habit and poison his romantic relationships in the future. Moreover, it can also affect your child’s relationship with you. 

Emotional Instability and Insecurity 

According to studies, children experiencing toxic marriages at home tend to have emotional instability and insecurity. They develop trust issues and have difficulty processing their emotions. Children cannot talk about their fears, happiness, sadness, and achievements. They start to feel stuck on a roller coaster of emotions. Consequently, such kids grow into adolescents with anxiety and depression issues. 

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