What Accessories To Buy This 2020

If you are to buy accessories, you need to always consider their versatility. You’d want to choose pieces that you know are timeless and can be used with many different outfits, for different occasions. With most shopping sprees, we often forget why we should be investing in accessories as much as our actual outfit pieces. This is the ultimate guide on what accessories to buy this 2020 that will be worth every penny.

What Accessories to Buy this 2020

Accessories are meant to give an outfit character. It is a way for you to express your individuality through the way you style your outfits. These accessories are the perfect investments for 2020 as they will go a long way in their use, versatility, and ability to help you establish your own style.

The Subtle Diamond Necklace

Who can say no to a beautiful diamond accessory? And 2020 is the year you can spoil your hardworking self to a beautifully subtle and minimal diamond necklace that will go with every type of outfit combination. Whether you’re an ‘all-black OOTD’ type of girl, or you love to style patterns and bright colors with your everyday outfits, a beautiful diamond necklace works with every type of outfit. Have a look at Brillianteers’ beautiful Diamond Necklace Collection. You might just find the perfect match for you. 

The ‘Can Fit Everything’ Clutch

Sometimes, the simpler the accessory is, the better. And what we are seeing as one of the best investments you can make for your current and future style is the ultimate clutch that fits everything from your iPad, notebook, wallet, keys, and that cheeky power bar (or chocolate bar). Get yourself a simple and cute clutch that can conveniently hold your everyday items, without looking or feeling too bulky. 

The White Sneakers

A pair of brand new white Sneakers are always a good investment as you can literally wear them with everything in your wardrobe. Choose from jeans, leggings, dresses, and even skirts, and those white sneakers will work. And the best part is, with the ever-growing popularity of sneakers in fashion, you have an abundance of styles and shapes from every brand out there. You can even find brands from Zara, H&M, to Gucci and Prada with their own versions of the white sneakers. There are so many styles to choose from, all at different price points. Therefore there’s no excuse not to invest in a good pair of white sneakers. 

The Special Occasion Bag

There are some spectacularly designed bags that are made to work for every type of special occasion. These bags are designed to work for every outfit, of every color, of every fabric, and of every season. Its design usually plays with the color black and nudes, and incorporates multiple hues into its pattern, to help its design complement every type of color you plan to wear. This makes it a great choice for what accessories to buy for 2020. It’s an investment that’s absolutely worth making. 

The Black Skinny Belt

No, we are not talking about the accessory used for the highly disciplined art form of Martial Arts. We are talking about the standard black skinny belt that can add accent to pants and dresses alike. This is the perfect accessory to help you emphasize your shape whether you’re wearing a floral dress, a tailored pant, or even high-waisted jeans. This is a great addition to your accessory collection. 

The Wallet with a Strap

For those days that you just do not need your entire bag, your make up, or even your lipgloss. You literally just need something to hold your cash, cards, keys, and phone, this is what a wallet with a strap is for. This must-have accessory is for those days that require nothing but the essentials for your errands. Whether you’re off to buy milk, pay bills, or just go for a stroll in the park, a wallet with a strap will become your new best friends. The best part about this accessory is that you can quickly fit it in your backpack or handbag if you are in a rush to go somewhere. No need to transfer items from one bag to another. 

The Sunglasses

Who doesn’t love great sunglasses that you can wear everywhere you go? This is what makes a good standard sunnies such a must for accessories to buy this 2020. You should always have sunglasses to protect your eyes if and when the sun’s rays are just far too bright. And it’s also a great accessory to compliment your everyday outfits. Go for either black sunnier, or neutral colors such as brown and gray. 

The Water Resilient Duffle Bag

You don’t have to be a gym body to need a duffle bag in your closet. It’s an accessory that’s both and necessary to have in your home. You’ll find that it is also extremely convenient for when you need that extra space for anything you need to carry with you out the door. As much as possible, try to invest in a water resilient duffle bag that you can use even on a rainy afternoon. 

The Travel Size Umbrella

Whether it is raining cats and dogs, or a scorching hot day, an umbrella is a definite staple to have to protect yourself from the weather. But of course, no one wants to be carrying around a large umbrella just simply for the possibility of rain or a dangerous amount of sun exposure. This is why you should definitely be investing in a travel size umbrella. Get one that can easily fit inside your everyday bag. 

As much as possible, you should also avoid going for anything too cheap. Get an umbrella that’s sturdy, and although a little more expensive, from a good and acknowledged brand. This guarantees that you will be buying an umbrella that should last you for years. 


When considering what accessories to buy for 2020, it’s normal to assume that there’s really nothing ever worth investing in when it comes to your everyday accessories. But these specified accessories are more than worth their cost when it comes to comfort, use, and versatility. They are perfect to be used time and time again. And, with great quality products, you can guarantee that they will last you a long time, making them even more worth every pound you spend on them.

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