A Week on Instagram #2

Well, the last week has been a bit of a wash out hasn’t it? All of our plans to do plenty of things with the kids – seaside trip, picnics and walks completely fell by the wayside. It just seemed to do nothing but rain!

We did manage to get to the woods for a walk and a bit of fresh air. It was so, so muddy but nice to get out – and I got some lovely photos of the boys.

Anyway, here is this week on Instagram…

I absolutely adore this photo of Graham and the three boys. They’re all proper little daddy’s boys, and this phto just sums that up!

In between the rain,. the kids have been out in the back garden. It’s lovely because they can all play out together now and I can keep an eye on them through the patio window. All three boys have Crazy Coupe cars, in various designs – it became a thing for my parents to buy them one for their first birthdays. It’s lovely seeing the three of them zooming around in the cars!

My mum baked us some cupcakes and scones, and gave them to us in a chocolate tub. It was on the side in the kitchen, and I had popped upstairs for a wee and to grab some washing. I came down to find Benjamin sitting on the kitchen floor, taking bites out of them all. In that short space of time, he had got the plastic chairs from the playroom, used them to climb on to reach the tub and help himself. Little monkey!

I’ve really struggled to get motivated and do much work this past couple of weeks, but needs must , so Graham took the older ones to the park whilst Ben napped, and I got on with some work. Had to try and get my head around Skype for work chats, which still completely confuses me!

I’ve noticed that pretty much every there is the most beautifully coloured sky behind the houses opposite. This photo on my phone camera just doesn’t do it justice – one day I will go and take a picture with my proper camera!

On Saturday, I went to a cocktail masterclass. I’ll be blogging about it later this week, but it was a fun couple of hours learning how to make cocktails and having fun with friends. This was supposed to be a layered cocktail, but it didn’t turn out too well – there’s definitely a knack to doing it!

Yesterday, we picked up our little princess, Daisy! Sadly, Bobby still hasn’t come home (still hoping he does – he will love his sister!!). We adopted her from the RSPCA, she’s five years old and is a proper little fuss pot. I rarely posted photos of Bobby because he was always off on an adventure outside, but this little lady is a ouse cat who will sit on your lap – expect lots of cat spam!

So there is our week on Instagram. How was yours?

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