Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy When Moving Home

Moving home can be a stressful time for everyone in the family, even if you hire trustworthy Atlanta moving companies. There are so many things to do that may disrupt your routine on a daily basis. This is especially true when you’re relocating with children. Most of the time, you have to keep them busy and entertained throughout the moving process to prevent them from getting seriously injured.

Here are a few ways of keeping your kids busy when moving home.

1. Provide A Collection Of Fun Things

If you want to keep your kids busy on a moving day, creating an activity kit can be a great idea. This doesn’t need to be many, but it should include meaningful and fun things that can entertain them. These may consist of crayons, coloring books, activity books, playdough, sticker book, and many more. These may consist of crayons, coloring books, activity books, playdough, sticker book, axolotl squishmallow and many more Aside from an activity kit, provide them with some activities which are exciting and fresh to them.

2. Set Up An Activity Room

If you’re unable to do an away activity for your children, it’s best to set up a haven room where they can stay during the move. Be sure to fill the space with stuff and activities that your kids usually love. That way, you can keep them away from the work zone without losing their interest. However, if they need guidance and supervision, a parent should stay with them. If both of you are bombarded with moving tasks, hire a babysitter instead.

3. Let Your Kids Play In The Backyard During The Moving Day

Aside from staying at your home, you can also bring your children outside to keep them entertained. If the weather is good, allow them to play in the backyard while professional movers are in out and out of your house for hauling appliances and moving boxes. Make sure you prepare some snacks and drinks to prevent your children from going inside again and again. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to your backyard safety, especially if you leave them alone outside.

4. Allow Your Kids To Get Creative With What You Have

Typically, kids have a great imagination. Because of it, allow your children to get creative using the things that you have. For example, you can set aside some extra boxes along with markers and other crafts. It’s one way of getting rid of all the excess supplies as soon as possible. So, let them do whatever they want with these excessive packing materials to keep them busy during the relocation process. Your kids can use them as something that can climb inside or make some imaginative games.

5. Let Your Kids Stay With Family Or Friends

If you’re too busy to let your children stay at home while you’re hauling your belongings, then sending kids to stay with family or friends can be one of the best options. Doing so can enable you to focus on relocation without worrying about their interests and safety. If you decide to get them out of your house completely, ask someone to take them to a nearby park or anywhere that makes them happy and entertained.

6. Hire A Moving Company

If the idea of packing up your entire household while keeping your children busy may be a daunting task, think about hiring professionals to help you with the work. This decision, for instance, will let you spend quality time with your little ones in a few days leading up to the relocation. After all, most long distance moving companies have experienced packers who can handle the packing work. 

7. Create A Scrapbook With Your Kids

Making of a scrapbook with your children about the relocation can be a fun way to keep them busy. This is especially true if you’re relocating them long distances. To get started, collect a variety of photos that capture memories that your family had together. Give them a scrapbook, stickers, papers, and colorful markers. Let your kids place the pictures in the book and record the memories your family had beside the photos. Moreover, you can use the markers to decorate the rest of the pages.


Moving home can be a tricky job when you have your kids with you. With all the things going on during the relocation, you always want to ensure they’re occupied with activities to keep them entertained. So, keep these options in mind to make moving with your children exciting, fun, and less stressful. 

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