Ways To Increase Your Passion for God

Do you have that feeling that your relationship with the Lord is lukewarm and you want to get closer to him? Many of us want to love and serve the Lord more than we do. However, we have many roadblocks like worldly pleasures that stand in our way. Having a passion for him means you must focus on Him, give up worldly pleasures and commit to following His ways. But, how can you increase your passion for Him? We are here to help! We have compiled some effective ways to ramp up your connection with God.

Recommit yourself 

Sin can draw you away from his Grace. It is therefore important to seek forgiveness for your sins and recommit yourselves to Him. Moreover, it would be best if you transformed your character and habits that make you sin. Ask the holy spirit to help you change for the better and get closer to God.  

Reminisce his grace in your life

Do you ever recall how God has continuously been gracious to you?  How He sacrificed His only son to pay for your sins? How have you experienced His miracles and wonders in your life? Well, reminiscing about his grace and goodness in your life will increase your passion for Him. 

Have an active prayer life

Speaking to God in prayer will increase your passion for Him. Dedicate a specific time of the day, pray for your needs, and intercede for others. You can learn more about the connection between prayer and discernment on the Wyoming Carmelites website. The bottom line is that you should have an intimate prayer encounter with the Lord away from distractions. The conversations will help you find out your purpose in life.
Tip: It will help if you have a prayer journal and list what you need to pray for.  

With today’s many daily concerns and things to be grateful for, it can be quite overwhelming, and you struggle to start your prayer. A little structure can go a long way. Aside from a prayer journal and your own list, you can also turn to prayer cards to guide you. They can be a good reference to reflect on God’s presence in your life. 

Study the Bible every day and keep a journal

Studying the Bible daily is crucial if you want to have a relationship with Him. Reading the word of God will help you not slip into sin as it provides a guide on what pleases him and what doesn’t. Moreover, have a devotional journal and write down your reflection on the scriptures you read daily.  

Tip: You can also start a Bible study group to help you understand and increase your knowledge of the lord. In addition, you will get an opportunity to socialize with the Bible study group members.

Attend church activities

Attending fellowship with other believers will help you grow spiritually. This can only be possible if you commit to attending church activities like church conferences, prayer meetings, and community work. Moreover, serve in church ministries. For instance, you can be an usher, a member of the praise and worship team, or the church choir. Participating in church activities and serving in the church will grow your passion for God. 

Be at peace with everyone

You cannot have passion for him and enjoy His presence if you are not at peace with people due to hatred and bitterness. In fact, unforgiveness is a killer of the almighty’s passion. Thus, reconcile and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember in the Lord’s prayer; you ask God to forgive your trespasses as you forgive those who trespass against you. Therefore, for you to be forgiven, you also have to forgive others. 

Wrapping up

If you want to increase your passion for the almighty, you will need to value Him more than anything else. Live a life that glorifies Him and seek Him actively. Passion for God will give you more joy and favor in your life than you could find by yourself. We hope the points we have covered will help you as you start the journey of increasing your passion and connection with the Lord. 

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