How to Use Throws in Your Living Room

If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch to add to your living room, sometimes it can be as simple as a throw. Not only are they functional, they’re also incredibly stylish accessories that can add texture, colour and warmth in an instant. There’s an art to using throws – you want it to look effortlessly chic and not messy – but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Interiors experts James & Rose is here to help.

Play with textures

Soft furnishings and accessories are the perfect way to bring a touch of depth and interest to your living room – the last thing you want is this stunning space looking flat and 2D. Throws of all different shapes, sizes and textures are the perfect way to bring a room to life. Play around with faux fur, chunky knit, velvet and even silk to add a little character to your furniture.

Store them nearby

As summer rolls around, the last thing you want to do is wrap yourself up in a thick faux fur blanket, but that doesn’t mean they should be hidden in a box under your bed. Consider adding a big woven basket or rustic crate to your living room and neatly storing them in a corner. They remain part of the picture and bring a wonderful homely touch.

Place with care

Don’t go to the effort of purchasing a stunning throw only to lob it over the back of your armchair in an untidy pile. If you prefer things neat, clean and straight, fold it carefully and place over the armrest of your sofa for a sophisticated and classy look. Or if you’re more rustic at heart, drape it artfully over the back of a chair and the seat for a cottage-feel. For a warm, comfortable and inviting look, drape neatly across the back of the sofa – it’ll really make your house feel like a home.

Tidy up afterwards

Picture this; it’s cold outside and you’re cosied up on the sofa watching a movie with your significant other. You pull a throw on to cover you both – perfection. But when the movie is finished, don’t just fling it anywhere. Treat your throws with care and place back neatly; it’ll make your living room look like a much warmer and more inviting space.

Consider your colours

Depending on the overall style and theme of your living room, you might want to consider matching your throws to your cushions. This makes an instant elegant impact that’ll be felt as soon as you enter the room. On the other hand, if you’re not afraid to make a fun statement, use your throws to add bright and unexpected pops of colour.

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