The Ultimate Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day is rapidly approaching ( wasn’t it just Christmas?!) and many of us are thinking about gifts for the loved one in our life. Whether you’re looking for pretty or practical, there’s something for everyone in this ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide.

Sleek Makeup – from £4.95 

Sleek makeup

I love makeup, so if someone bought me a bag of makeup products from Sleek, I’d be dead chuffed (hint hint, Graham!). I’ve been trying out the i-Art precision eye colours (£7.00 each) in Neo-Pop and Symbolism, and they’re gorgeous. The Lip VIP lipstick (£5.50) and Matte Me Liquid Lip colour (£4.99) lasts all day. I’m also a huge fan of the choice of colours in the I-Divine eyeshadow palette (£8.99).

Olverum Bath Oil – from £29.00

The Olverum bath oil is absolutely perfect for a luxurious hot bath to relax aching and tired muscles and give you that perfect moment of ‘me time’. It smells absolutely gorgeous – it contains 10 different essential oils including lavender to help promote a good nights sleep. It also looks very pretty in the bathroom!

Daniel Ahand Leather Push Lock Shoulder Bag – £89

red leather handbag with gold chain

Handbags are almost always a winner for Valentines Day – or any other occasion to be honest. It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, you can always use a lovely handbag. This one from Daniel is particularly beautiful – the leather is lovely and soft, and the colour is beautifully vibrant.

Now I just need someone to take me somewhere to use it…

Jewellery from Jewellery Box- from £7.95

Jewellery is always a winner. The classic silver hoop earrings are just £7.85 and are an absolute jewellery staple. I really love both the silver rolo infinity bracelet (£18) and the delicate and unusual silver heart bracelet (£11.55).

Naissance DIY Bath Bomb Kit – £17.99

Make your own lemon fizz bath bomb kit

Everyone loves a relaxing bath bomb, but it’s even more fun to make them! This fun DIY kit makes around eight bath bombs and they smell absolutely lush! They’re also vegan, cruelty-free and completely natural.

Rock & Ruddle Hairbrush – £30


A good hairbrush is an absolute essential, and these gorgeous ones from Rock and Ruddle are fantastic. They’re made from natural bristles to encourage shiny and soft hair – and they feel lovely! They come in a huge range of designs and can even be personalised.

Copper Wire Heart Basket  from Red Candy– £15.30

Copper Wire Heart Shaped Basket

Ok, so technically, this is a fruit basket, but I think this gorgeous copper wire basket could be used for makeup or holding all sorts of nicknacks. We all know how on-trend copper is at the moment!

For Him

Gold by Yardley Aftershave – £6.75

Gold aftershave

Cheap and cheerful – but smells pretty damn good!

Hugo Boss Boxer Shorts from Jules B – £35.99

Hugo Boss Boxer Shorts

Nice underwear is always pushed as a Valentine’s gift for women (and quite rightly!) but what about the blokes? These Hugo Boss boxer shorts look great and are comfortable. Perfect for fashion-conscious men.

Bandito Face Masks from Masque Bar – £3.99

Bandito Face Masks

Skincare isn’t just for the ladies – the male grooming market is set to double in the next couple of years. These are cool, outlaw inspired masks which help soothe and hydrate skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and leave skin feeling calm and refreshed.

Muscle Shirt from Avail London- £34.99

Muscle shirt

One for the men with muscles – this slim fit ‘muscle fit shirt’ from Avail London looks great on. It’s available in a range of colours and comes in either long or short sleeve, perfect for all occasions.

Gillette Fusion Pro Shield Razor – £12

Zippo Lighter – From £23.35

The classic Zippo lighter makes an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day. They can be engraved, or purchased in a range of designs. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, so in the unlikely event it packs up, they’ll fix it for free.

Lambswool Jumper from Dobell – £14.99

This is a great all rounder piece of clothing – looks good with a smart shirt underneath or worn with jeans a t-shirt. It’s lambswool, so cosy as well and for less than £15, it’s an absolute bargain!

Sweet Treats

Jenny Wren Belgian Chocolates – £8.49

Absolutely fluffin’ lush – that’s the only way to describe these. Bloody lush. 12 white, milk and dark hand-finished chocolates presented in a beautiful three-tiered box.

Guylian Sea Shells – £6.75

Guylian’s Sea Shells are made using only the finest, hand selected Mediterranean hazelnuts, which are roasted and caramelised to perfection before being blended with premium Belgian chocolate. Try just having one – I pretty much guarantee you will want another one!!

For Both of You

Date Night Money Box from Find Me a Gift – £12.99

It can be so hard to find the time for a ‘date night’ when you have kids. You have to find babysitters and, to be quite frank, you’re usually too knackered anyway. When the rare opportunity arrives to spend some quality time together, you’re usually skint anyway. This cute date night fund money box is perfect for collecting those pennies and the glass front means you can see them adding up!

Balloon Lamp from Red Candy – £24.00

This funky USB balloon light gradually changes colour, giving a gentle and romantic glow for your night in!

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The Ultimate Valentines Day Gift Guide

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