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Back in November, we were sent some items of school uniform from Trutex for the boys. I’ve left it until now to post because I wanted the boys to really put them to the test. They’ve certainly been doing that, coming home with yoghurt, beans, mud, paint, glue and god knows what else all over them. They’ve been washed and washed and washed, dried on the radiators and in the tumble dryer. It’s now time to tell you just how well they’ve held up!

The boys wear a rather lovely deep royal blue logo sweatshirt for school. The Trutex ones are slightly lighter blue but gorgeous all the same. The sizing is pretty consistent with their school logo ones but they seem to have kept their shape a lot better, which is great considering they’ve been tumble dried numerous times!

Trutex School Uniform sweatshirt

I usually buy cheap supermarket polo shirts which usually last around a term before they go grey and shapeless. I think the Trutex ones will last the rest of the school year! They’re still lovely and white and they too have kept their shape. They’re lovely and thick as well, which has been better throughout the cooler months.

Trutex uniform polo shirt

We did find that the trousers were too big around the waist for both Alex and Harrison, which surprised me because Harrison is a stocky kid. They’re not adjustable, which I think makes a big difference when it comes to primary school kids. However, they’ve worn them with belts and, like the sweatshirts and polo shirts, they’ve washed and dried well and there’s no sign of any wear on the knees.

Trutex school uniform

We were really impressed with the quality of the products and when it comes to the summer and buying school uniforms for the new school year (all three of them – Ben starts nursery in September!), we will definitely be looking to purchase it from Trutex.

*We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own.

Trutex School Uniform - Our Thoughts

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