Top Back-to-School Organisation Tips for Mums

Back to School: three words sure to fill most parents with a mix of hope and dread. The school holidays may have been long, but the return to the drudgery of the school run isn’t exactly welcomed either. Don’t worry: Help is at hand! Here are some top organisation tips that will make the mayhem of the back to school rush a little easier:

  • Prepare in advance. Don’t leave it until the day before your kids go back to school to buy all of their school supplies: this will only cause you all unnecessary stress and increase the likelihood that the things you need will be sold out. Instead set aside a day early in the holidays when you can go out and choose all the new supplies they need together.
  • Allocate each child with a box file and keep it somewhere that is easily accessible (such as in your hallway or next to your coat stand). You may wish to colour coordinate these files so that each child clearly knows which one is theirs. Put all school paperwork, such as homework forms, permission slips and important information, in each folder so that you never have to spend your mornings running around looking for lost forms again.
  • Label all their school uniform, PE kit and other essential school equipment in advance. Sew in name labels tend to be better for clothes, as they are more durable, whilst sticky labels can be used for stationary supplies and water bottles. This will minimise expensive equipment losses and the risk of siblings taking the wrong supplies to school with them.
  • Organise your child’s wardrobe so that their school uniform is easily accessible and easy to see: pop school socks and underwear in their own basket and ensure shirts and trousers are on a low shelf that they can reach. If they can access their own clothes, then it will be much easier for your child to dress themselves without your involvement and support.
  • Create morning and evening routines for your children to follow that will save your sanity. These are particularly useful for small children, who enjoy ticking items off lists and charts. Include items such as teeth cleaning, putting shoes and backpacks away after school, and doing their homework, so that there are aware of the essentials they need to achieve.
  • Make packed lunches in advance. Sandwiches will keep perfectly well in the fridge overnight, and this will save you vital minutes on busy mornings. Older children can be encouraged to choose and pack their own lunch boxes, which will save even more time and foster their independence too.
  • Buy an alarm clock. Not only will this help get your kids up and out of bed on time, if you set it to go off at strategic intervals then it will help keep them to a morning schedule. When the alarm goes off the first time, for example, you get out of bed and clean your teeth. When it goes off again you should have eaten breakfast. The third time you should be dressed and ready to leave. When the alarm goes off the fourth time you should be heading out the door and going to school!
  • Buy a car organiser and use it to store any emergency supplies you might need on the way to school. Use it to store tissues for running noses, wet wipes for accidental spills, and cereal bars for those inevitable busy mornings or unexpected lie-ins when your kids have left the house without breakfast.
  • Have a supply stash. Even when labelled correctly, it’s likely that your child will come home without their notebook, pencil case or calculator every once in a while. Having a pre-stocked supply stash will save you from those late-night dashes to the supermarket to replace the lost supplies they need.
  • Finally, invest in a family planner. We all lead busy lives, and as a mum, it can be impossible to keep track of everything. So invest in a family planner and write everything down instead: use this to log when homework assignments are due, swimming lessons, childcare arrangements for late nights at work and anything else you might forget on a busy weekday morning. Write down everything, and look at it often.


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