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*AD – The Tonka Toys products were gifted products

Nothing makes Benjamin happier than construction vehicles. Whether they are on TV, we drive past them or he plays with them – he is obsessed. We have had plenty of toy diggers and bulldozers over the year, but none of them quite hold up to a five year old boy playing in the sand or dirt with them.

Now, I have heard of Tonka before, but had I known just how robust they are, I would never have bothered buying any others!

tonka mighty dump truck

Who are Tonka?

For over 70 years, Tonka has been the undisputed king of the sandbox and steel toys. Their toys, which include the Mighty Dump Truck and Bulldozer, ar built on the premise that “a toy shouldn’t break just because a child plays with it,”. In fact, in the 1970’s, they had an elephant stand on one to prove it. Their toys are tough, sturdy and long-lasting – perfect for a family with four kids!

The Mighty Dump Truck

Tonka is getting back to its roots with the Steel Classics Toughest Mighty Dump Truck, which has an RRP of £49. For a toy that is probably going to be around longer than we are, I think that’s pretty good value. Built to last and withstand even the toughest Tonka kids, this is a deluxe version of the Classic Mighty Dump Truck! It comes complete with a moveable bed and it is ready to take charge in any construction zone. Ben and his friend Charlie have had hours of fun in the park with this, digging in the sand and dirt While big, it is not particularly heavy and it’s easy for even a three-year-old to use.

Tonka Steel Classic Bulldozer

Complementing the dump truck beautifully is the slightly smaller but by no means less fun Tonka steel classic bulldozer. It clears everything in its path and has workable parts for moving gravel, sand and soil – perfect for both outdoor play and indoor play in the tuff spot as we move towards autumn. It has an RRP of £24.99, which again, I think is excellent value for something that is so well made and has so much play value.

tonka steel classic bulldozer

What do the boys think?

They were a hit with all of them! We are fortunate to have a park with dirt bits right outside the house, and the boys have been taking them outside to play with almost every single day since we have had them. They are absolutely filthy – just how they should look after a hard day of digging – and all the neighbours kids, including their friend Charlie have had hours of fun playing with them.

They are absolutely filthy – just how they should look after a hard day of digging. Click To Tweet

For more info, check out the Tonka Tough Event, where are chances to win Tonka prizes, more product info, fun activities and more! The Tonka Steel Classics range is available from all good independent Toy Shops, JLP, Shop Direct, Amazon, Mud Rescue and The Entertainer. 

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