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If there’s one thing that everyone goes through at some point in their lives, it’s that odd feeling when you’re not exactly sure if you’ve really become an adult yet. You’ve definitely left many of the trappings of your youth behind, and yet you just don’t quite feel as much like a grown up as you thought you would. For a lot of people, this feeling is only compounded by their home. When you finally live in your own, truly grown up home, you want the way that it looks to reflect this new era in your life. The trouble is having spent years living with parents, then with roommates in a uni dorm, it can sometimes be hard to figure out what your personal style really is. Well don’t worry, breaking out of that rut and finding a more mature design for your home doesn’t need to be a big job, in fact, there are lots of little things that you can do. Here are a few simple ways that you can make your home feel more like a truly grown up space.

Invest in high-quality furniture

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When you’re younger, there’s something fun and a little romantic about your old, beat-up furniture. Whether it’s the ancient couch that you and your roommates spent every night hanging out on. Or the tired old bean bag that you used when it was time just to chill out and relax. But when you’re out in the adult world, it’s time to start thinking about furniture that is both going to look good and is actually going to be comfortable to sit in. Whether it’s living room, bedroom or dining room furniture, you should make sure that you’re getting something high-quality that’s going to look good and stay comfy for years to come.

Ditch the posters

Heck, if you’re really attached to those posters, why not just frame them? That way they’ll stick around but will take on a far more mature style.

Now, this is not saying that you need to get rid of everything that makes your home unique and personal. But as you get older those ratty old posters that you’ve had for years start to look more and more out of place. Instead, why not find some pieces of art that you really love?

Clear out the junk

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The pyramid of drinks cans might have been cute when you were in a dorm, but there’s nothing fun about piles of trash and junk when you’re a grown up. It’s time to start thinking about keeping your home clean and organized. Your home should be a reflection of your personality, and if it’s constantly full of junk, mess, and clutter, that’s hardly going to reflect very well on you, is it? You don’t need to have a constantly perfect home, but it’s important to make the effort to keep it at least a little tidy every day.

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