Throwing A Classy Dinner Party? It’s Not As Hard As You’d Think

A classy dinner is an amazing way to catch up with your friends while impressing them at the same time! And it’s nowhere near as hard to do as you’d think…

Formal invites

You could go all out and get some elegant custom invitations made that you could send out. But even this might be a little too formal for many people. You can at least make sure that the event is scheduled and invitations sent out digitally, though. Social media invitations might not seem that classy. But it’s certainly a lot better than just leaving the invitations to word of mouth! When a Facebook event is created, there is certainly a level of formality that i s introduced to the proceedings.

An elegant vibe

If you’re going to have people over for a classy dinner, then you should ensure that your home carries a certain feel of elegance for the evening. A lot of people read these kinds of words and assume that this means they should be giving their place a massive overhaul! But it needn’t be that involved or exhausting a process. It actually doesn’t take that much to make the average home look more elegant. A thorough tidying up is in order, of course. Moving all unnecessary items and furniture to another room will give a tremendous feeling of space and minimalism. And even something as simple as black tablecloths can help make everything look a lot more classy!

Classic drinks with a twist

When we think about classy dinners – or, to be honest, any sort of dinner event – we usually think of alcohol. Some people think about the alcohol that will be served before they even think about the food that will be served! As long as you’re not serving the sort of ‘value’ drinks that don’t actually taste very nice, people are probably going to be happy with whatever you have to offer. The key is to ensure you have a bit of variety – not everyone is going to want a beer, after all! If you want to take things to another level, you could experiment with classic drinks. Why serve just whiskey when you could also serve vanilla bean lavender whiskey?

The food

It looks like I might be one of those people who think about the alcohol before the food, seeing as I wrote about drinks before I wrote about dinner! The food you’ll be serving is probably the most important aspect, and you’ve got three courses you need to think about: the appetizers, the main course, and the dessert.


The best kind of appetizers, in my view, are the ones you can eat in one bite. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this will look gimmicky; it will work a treat. It means everyone can try a bit of everything, instead of having to choose one appetizer dish! The main course is the centerpiece, of course. Gourmet main courses can actually be much easier to make than you think. It’s mostly about making it look the business!
And, of course, there’s the dessert, which many sweet-toothed friends would argue is the most important part. Why not share some of your tasty ingenuity with simple but delicious treats?

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