Thomas & Friends Track Master Demolition at the Docks | Review

One thing all three of the boys have loved is Thomas the Tank Engine. They’ve all loved watching it, and over the past five years we have built up a fair sized collection of Thomas toys. Recently, we added to this collection with the Thomas Track Master Demolition at the Docks.

Thomas & Friends Track Master Demolition at the Dockyard

We’ve had Track Master toys before, and whilst they don’t provide the greatest amount of play value, the kids love them. What I love about the range is that they connect to the other sets in the series, so you can make much bigger tracks.

Of course, as soon as it came, the kids were eager to play with it. They are very keen reviewers! We dug out some AAA batteries and put it together, which was relatively straightforward. The set includes the track, motorised Thomas train, Cranky the Crane and a warehouse. Thomas was turned on by the easy to control switch and off he went – round, and round, and round!

This is what I mean about the Track Master toys not providing a great deal of play value – you do literally switch it on and watch it do its thing, but the kids had fun creating their own stories around it. I was gutted that my camera was flat when they decided to get some of the tree and rock accessories from their dinosaurs to add to the play scene!

Aimed at children aged 3+, it’s made of relatively tough plastic, which with three quite heavy handed boys is good. They loved to swing the cargo on Cranky’s hook into the warehouse and watch it burst apart. However, the top of the warehouse which is meant to get demolished kept flopping over so it didn’t always work properly.

The kids have had fun with this, and whilst it’s not something that is going to keep them amused for hours and hours, for a few minutes of fun it’s well worth the RRP of £24.99.

*We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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