The Ultimate 15 Minute Busy Mom Beauty Routine

The life of a mom is one of the most rewarding and unique experiences in life. But as rewarding as it can be, it can also require a lot of sacrifices on the part of the mom. The lifestyle change that comes with being a mother affects everything from time management and sleeping habits to even self-care.

Of course, all the sacrifices are worth it when you have a child whom you love with all your heart and soul. Besides, there are many ways to recover from the busy mom life. Learning to maximize the downtime you may have when not caring for your kids is a must for every mom.

For moms who feel like they never have time to look put together, a solution to this dilemma is to come up with a beauty routine that can be completed in as little time as possible. Sounds like a dream? Well, it is not!

Here is the ultimate 15-minute busy mom beauty routine that every mom should practice:

  1. Skin Care

of a beauty routine that should be focused on and addressed is skin care. Whether you wake up way before your kids do or around the same time, the first action you should take is to wash your face. Use a deep cleanser in order to do away with any dirt and minimize impurities that may have developed during the night.

Makeup can help hide many flaws. However, the best way to ultimately address skin issues is to tackle them directly with good maintenance of a clean and healthy face.

If you really want to bring back some brightness to your face overall, you may want to use products that contain Vitamin C, as this product is good for rejuvenating skin as a whole.

  1. Make- Up

A strong set of make-up tips and tricks can help for those mornings when you just need a bit of extra help. The best tricks help to give the appearance of bright and healthy-looking skin. Your skin care routine can work its magic behind the scenes.

One quick fix is to use white eyeliner instead of black. This can give the appearance of bright and wide looking eyes even when you’ve gotten in a minimal amount of sleep. Combine this trick with some mascara, and you’ll look like you just came from a very restful vacation.

Using concealer for dark circles or bags and applying blush to your cheeks can give your overall face a brighter and healthier looking appearance. That way, you can make anyone believe that you actually woke up looking like perfection.

  1. Hair Care

Lastly, and definitely the most time-consuming aspect of a beauty routine, is the maintenance of the hair. Luckily, there are a few ways to make hair look very kempt and clean without taking over an hour or so to achieve the perfect look.

If you have trouble washing your hair on a daily basis, then dry shampoo will be your best friend. This product allows you to maintain the appearance of clean hair for many more days past your last hair wash if you find no time to take on this task.

Have long hair? Then styling your hair in beautiful brads or neat buns can help the tangles mess look neat and pristine.

Are your options limited due to short hair? No worries, there are many ways to style this type of hair, such as learning how to curl short hair in order to give a stylish appearance without going to the salon.

Whether you are a first-time mom or have gone down the mommy road many times, it is important to always make time for yourself and your well-being. Even if you can’t find an hour a day to make this happen, having a quick and easy beauty routine that you can follow on a daily basis can help you both de-stress and feel beautiful no matter what life may throw at you.


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