The best type of feeding for a baby in the first months of his life

The birth of a child is a great joy and responsibility for new parents. In the first month of a newborn, it is important to create optimal conditions for the growth and development of the child’s body. Taking care of a newborn baby and during the first three months of life is about meeting the needs of food, rest, and walking. Parents need to learn how to properly carry out procedures related to hygiene, and feeding so that the child grows up healthy and strong.

Breast milk is the best food

During the first months of life, the main need for the baby is food. The best food for your baby is breast milk. With milk, your baby gets the right nutrients in the right amounts for healthy growth, and proper development. Special protective antibodies, live bifidobacteria, transmitted with mother’s milk, help the baby’s body to form its immune system, and promote proper digestion.

It is important to attach the baby to the mother’s breast within an hour after birth, and thereafter as needed – when and how much the baby wants. Do not feed your baby from a bottle or in any other way, forming the need for breastfeeding only. If breastfeeding is not possible, you should consult a pediatrician. The specialist will help you choose a feeding formula.

How to choose artificial nutrition

When a young mother has problems with lactation or breast milk disappears altogether, do not despair. Consult your pediatrician and select the appropriate formula for your baby for feeding or total replacement feeding. If all the doctor’s recommendations, preparation instructions, and dosage listed on the package are followed exactly, the formula can compensate for the lack of breast milk and provide your baby with the right amount of nutrients.

All milk formulas are similar to each other, but the main ingredient substitute may differ. It can be whey or casein. Breast milk is rich in whey and casein proteins so that your baby gets everything he needs to develop fully. Modern formulas offer a composition in which only one type of protein prevails, so doctors recommend opting for those that have the same particles of protein components.

Varieties of Milk Formulas

Milk formulas can be standard or special. Standard – universal, they are suitable for any baby in the first year of life. Special ones are prescribed for newborns born prematurely, with allergies, metabolic problems, or other disorders. Such feeding can be started only by adhering to the appointments of the pediatrician.

Also, the formula can be made from cow’s or goat’s milk. Of course, the choice is always yours, which one to choose. Some parents say that cow’s milk-based formula is stable and does not need anything else. Others prefer goat milk formula, because it is better digested by the little tummy, does not cause colic and allergic reactions. Choose the best organic baby formula from

The influence of tactility on the development of the newborn baby

According to child psychologists, in addition to physiological needs, the main need of an infant during this period is the need to feel the presence of the mother, the warmth of her body, and the beating of the heart. The presence of an adult near him who can understand his needs and eliminate troubles gives the newborn a feeling of security and forms a basic trust in the world – a feeling that the world is reliable and safe. Therefore, the most important thing for the complete mental development of a child during the newborn period is the physical presence of the parents, mainly the mother. If you are not lucky with breastfeeding and the baby is fed from a bottle, give him more physical and mental attention. The result will not be long in coming, the baby will grow up successful, developed, and healthy.

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