The Best Holiday Destinations for Families

When you are planning a holiday for the whole family, the pressure to make sure everyone is safe and satisfied can be overwhelming. A lot of the time, the stress lies on where to take your family for your big adventure. Most parents wish to strike a balance between going on a fun trip where they can relax, to packing it full of educational and heart-racing activities that the whole family can enjoy. With this in mind, there are countless destinations you could visit if you want to make the most of your time together. The trick is to take some helpful advice when you are searching for the best place to go.


Lying just across the channel, France is a must for any family to visit. This is especially true if you are hoping to save money on your family holiday, as flights to places like Paris are rarely expensive. Home to Disneyland Paris and wide, sandy beaches, children will likely have a ball filling their time with rollercoasters and building sandcastles. One way you can explore France to the fullest is by taking a road trip from the north to the south. On the way down, you can stop at the bustling capital of Paris, historical sites like Normandy, and the turquoise shores of the South.


Many families hope for something out of the ordinary when it comes to their next travel trip. When you are hoping to explore new worlds and natural settings together, you should consider going further afield to a country like Brazil. While it may be best to stay away from the cities when you have young children, you should take the time to go to the country’s numerous beaches. You could even go on light hikes through the rainforests, where the whole family will be impressed by the incredible animals that emerge from the trees. Enlisting the help of a company like South America Odyssey will ensure the stress is removed from planning.


There is usually one thing that families look for when they are on holiday: sun. As a country which has some of the best winter sun in Europe, it should come as no surprise that Spain is the most popular holiday destination for families. Both the Canary Islands and The Balearics are ideal for when you want to have an action-packed trip combined with days lazing on the beach. To avoid the seasonal crowds, you should consider going in the winter months or staying at a resort that is a short while away from the main attractions.


More and more families are hoping to go on adventure holidays with their children. When people think of mountain hikes and impressive views, their minds automatically drift to Canada. Here, you can participate in whale watching off the coast of Vancouver or see the crashing Horseshoe Falls, which looks out over the American border. When you are here, it’s best to come in summer, so that you have the option to go camping in the mountains without attracting a chill.

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