Taste Inc

I’m not a huge fan of ready meals or convenience food, but Graham is partial to the odd microwave burger, and I guess they are handy for post-beer hunger pangs!

Taste Inc offer a range of microwave burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches and are available at Morrison’s. Our local branch didn’t have a huge variety, so we could only try the Original Hot Dog, Quarter Pounder Burger and Smoky BBQ Rib Steak. Other products in the range include BBQ Chicken, Chicken Sandwich, Flamin’ Chicken, Fish Fillet Burger, buy avodart online, Flame Chicken & Chorizo, Ham & Cheese Melt, Southern Fried Chicken, Tex Mex Chicken and Piri Piri Chicken.

All of the snacks are less than 500 calories and can be nuked in the microwave in 90 seconds or less, which I guess is great is for a quick and easy snack!

The one thing that stood out was the difference between what the  snack looked like on the packet and what it was like in reality – quite a difference. I do realise that having salad on them wouldn’t really be feasible, but it is a little misleading.

Flame Grilled Quarter Pounder Burger

Taste Inc Flame Grilled Quarter Pounder

Taste Inc Burger


The burger was pretty decent – a flame grilled burger on a sesame bun, with a sachet of ketchup and slice of cheese. The bread did go slightly soggy as you would expect with any bread product that has been microwaved. The burger was lovely and juicy – I’d rather have this than one from a burger chain!

Original Hot Dog

Taste Inc Original Hot Dog


Taste Inc Hot dog


The hot dog was ok – basically a finger roll with a frankfurter type sausage, and sachets of ketchup and mustard. Nothing gourmet but nothing terrible!

Smoky BBQ Rib Steak

Taste Inc Smoky BBQ Rib Steak


Taste Inc Rib Steak


This again was ok – a chargrilled pork steak in a seeded finger roll with a sachet of barbeque sauce.


The Taste Inc range isn’t exactly gourmet, but great for a quick and lazy lunch or snack.


*We were sent vouchers to purchase these snacks. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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