Silver Cross Susie Interactive Doll | Review

Last year, we were sent out the Silver Cross 5 in 1 Pioneer dolls pram to review. We were really impressed with it and Benjamin absolutely loved it. It’s one of the very few toys we keep downstairs in the living room because it’s always being played with.

When Play Like Mum got in touch and asked us if we wanted to review the Silver Cross Susie interactive doll, we were pretty excited. We only have one very basic doll for Benjamin so to have one that works and interacts with the pram was always going to be a hit.

Susie comes wearing a cute little baby grow and a hat, although the hat does slip off an awful lot (and has long gone to the bottom of the toy box!), and has a bottle and a sensor. The sensor, which needs batteries, can be put into the pocket on the underside of the Silver Cross 5 in 1 Pioneer dolls pram (available separately). I hadn’t even realised there was a pocket there! When Susie is close to her pram, she will tell you that she wants to go for a walk and cry to go back in if you take her out. Once she is happy in her pram, she’ll fall asleep and you can hear her snore.

As well as that, she giggles, cries and talks. She sometimes gets tummy ache, which can be rubbed better and she likes to be tickled under her arms. When you pop the bottle (which is on the small side) in her mouth, she gulps it down and sometimes asks for more. Ben takes his role of daddy to Susie very seriously!

It’s a really great toy that encourages imaginative role play and interaction. It costs £44.99 and is available on the Play Like Mum website

*We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own and have not been influenced in any way.