Showing off my shoes

I’ve always loved shoes.  I think I love them because it doesn’t matter how fat or thin you are,  you can always find shoes. A few years ago, I had over 80 pairs in my wardrobe. Since then I’ve had several massive declutters and got rid of lots (which broke my heart!) but I still have 40 odd pairs! These days I tend to wear the same ones over and over again, and the pretty heels are collecting dust because I don’t go anywhere to wear them, so I thought I’d show some of off to you here.




Uggs – You either love them or hate them, but I LOVE mine.  Mine are the chocolate brown ankles ones and are my special babies. I bought them five years ago, and the cost me £160. I would never have normally spent so much money on shoes or boots, but I had wanted them for so long, so two days after Christmas I treated myself to them. They really were an investment.  I basically wear them at every opportunity from September/October through to March/April ever year, and they still are as comfortable as the day I bought them. I love that they go with most of my outfits, from leggings, to skinny jeans, denim skirts to dresses.  I have to admit to throwing most of shoes or boots in the basket or on top of my wardrobe (hence why I don’t buy expensive ones!) but I take care of these ones, packing them away carefully for the summer. I know when they do eventually fall apart I will be absolutely gutted!


Leather Boots


I bought these last week as apart from my UGGs I don’t have any practical boots for the winter, and I know these are rapidly becoming a firm favourite in my shoe collection. They were from a designer shoe outlet and cost a whopping £20! They’re not brand new, they’re seconds but absolutely nothing wrong with them. The soles had a little bit of wear, and there is a little scuff on the toe of one (which I think gives it a lovely Vintage look!) but they are amazing. They’re beautifully soft leather and have a small heel and are incredibly comfortable.



Purple Ankle Cuff Heels


I bought these for my 24th birthday (I’m 29 this month!) and that was the only time they’ve been worn.  They were to go with a specific outfit and I’ve not worn it since. I don’t remember them being particularly comfortable either, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them as they’re so pretty!


Flip Flops


Good old Flip Flops. In the summer I tend to live in them. Flip flops go with everything! I always worry when I buy new ones in case they rub my toes, but these ones from New Look (my go to place for shoes!) have never rubbed *touch wood*.


Studded Ankle Boots

I love these! I bought them from New Look on a trip to the Isle of Wight four years ago. They’re actually quite comfortable – I wore them a few times to work. Not so comfy at the moment but I think my tolerance to heels is pretty low these days!



Grey Suede Boots


I’m not sure where these beauties came from – I think my sister in law gave them to me – and they are really comfortable considering they’re pointy toed and stilettos! They don’t get much wear at the moment as they’re not exactly practical and make me too tall. I tower over the pushchair or have to stoop to hold the kids hands in them!


Black flats

These desperately need replacing now as they’re really tatty and falling apart, but they are worn to death. These are my go-to shoes when it’s too warm for UGGs but not quite flip flop weather. They go with everything, and when I was at work I would wear this sort of shoe most days. I always go to New Look for flats, as they’re usually only about £15-£20, last for ages and don’t usually rub my toes!


Polka Dot Heels


I’ve never worn these, and if I am honest I probably never will as they are ridiculously high and no doubt uncomfortable, but god are they gorgeous! I was given these and I think if nothing else I can just look at them and occasionally prance about the bedroom in them!


Black flat lace ups


I love these, but they don’t get much wear these days. I’m never really sure what to wear them with. They look fine with black trousers but since I left work I never wear trousers. My feet are too long for me to wear them with dresses and tights or skinny jeans. Any suggestions??


Brown Lace Up Boots


These are a few years old now, and although they’re not something I would normally have gone for, I love them! They’re quite chunky and heavy to walk in, but look fab with skinny jeans, and are great in the Winter!



So there is a little look at a few pairs of my shoes. What are your favourites?

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  1. Oooh I am definitely a lover of my Uggs as soon as the weather turns cold out come my uggs. I have two pairs light and dark brown. I wear them with everything. So comfortable and perfect for winter. Thanks for linking up #FlashbackFriday

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