They Said Blogging Was Easy…

I read a comment the other day, talking about how blogging was an easy and therapeutic way to focus yourself and express your feelings. Having been a mummy blogger for some time now, I have to say what a load of nonsense that is. Yes, there are times that writing a post is nice and easy, but that doesn’t take into account checking the social accounts and making sure I reply to all my wonderful followers, nor does it consider the business element of it in the form of advertising and proofing my sponsors and partnerships.

Now I’m not saying that I’m having to do what a professional journalist blogger would do and spend all day drafting ideas nor do I have to spend as long as say a spread betting trader might spend crunching numbers all day before they start blogging about the latest financial news, but I would definitely say that with two kids running around constantly vying for my attention, that mummy blogging isn’t always a walk in the park. Sometimes I can be here for hours trying to settle on an idea and even when I have I generally change my mind a few more times as the kids distract me and make me forget my original train of thought.


But there is definitely something about mummy blogging that is a little perkier than some of the other subjects. The diversity of being able to write about pretty much anything I want to do with my kids is great and I’m not bound my journalistic editorial guidelines or forced to focus on say the latest CMC Markets spread betting bonus updates. I can write whenever I get the time to and my only deadlines are the ones’ I set for myself. I also get to work alongside a wonderful selection of other great parents blogs that inspire me to keep vigilant on my posting and even get to go on some great trips including my up and coming sponsored BML16 in London!

So going back to the comment in question, I guess that compared to some of the other things that people have to write about then mummy blogging isn’t the worst gig in the world, but readers I’ll deny saying that if the husband ever asks. The last thing that any mother wants to have to do is pretend that their 2-day paid trip to London isn’t a terribly hard time where she will miss the kids and spend every waking moment pining over them rather than indulging in spa baths, coffee and wine. So rather than spend the next 2-days proofing this post, I’m going to publish it and go spend some time with my kids … because after all … I can


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