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As the only female in the house, I knew that at some point I would be a spectator to a lad’s night in. Turns out that first lad’s night was on the weekend when England played Wales in the Six Nations Cup.

The absolute necessities for a truly great lad’s night in are pizza and beer. As three out of the four lads in our house are under 18, the beer was substituted for blackcurrant squash, but they definitely had the pizza, thanks to Chicago Town.

A Lads Night In

With everyone liking different toppings on their pizza, the Chicago Town Deep Dish pizzas were perfect. They come in a range of flavours – we went for the four cheese, the meatball melt and the pepperoni.

They settled down on the picnic blanket to watch the game – all munching through pizza and a big bowl of wedges! The favourite definitely seemed to be the four cheese pizza, and after sneaking a piece for myself, I can see why. Slices of thick gooey cheese in a deep, deep crunchy base. What wasn’t to love? The meatball and pepperoni ones went down pretty too – full of flavour. Even our little fuss-ball, Alex, loved them and asked for more!

Whilst pizza is one of our favourite guilty pleasure dinners, it definitely doesn’t have to be just for dinner. The deep dish ones are perfect size for a quick snack, for family movie nights, or even for picnics. We are looking to have lots of picnics on the beach this year, and these will be definitely be featuring in some of them!

Sadly, Wales lost to England in the last few minutes of the game, but these three were too busy stuffing yummy pizza to care!

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