The Questions of a 4-Year-Old

Like all four-year-olds, Alex likes to ask questions. A lot of questions. I love the fact he wants to know more about the world around him and how things work, but sometimes it can drive you slightly crazy.  The other day, we were walking to pick up Harrison from school. Benjamin was in his buggy with his beloved Postman Pat truck and Alex was walking next to me. The entire 15 minute walk consisted of Alex asking question after question…

Alex: Mom, what car is that?

Me: That’s an Audi TT

Alex: Is it fast?

Me: I think so

Alex: Will the man get in trouble by the police if he drives too fast?

Me: Yes

Alex: What are cars made from?

Me: Metal, mostly

Alex: How do you make metal?

Me: (avoiding question because I have no idea) Grandad works in a factory where they make parts from cars

Alex: Does Uncle Tom?

Me: He used to.

Alex: Is Uncle Tom a policeman?

Me: No

Alex: Is he a fireman?

Me: No. He works in an estate agents (well, letting agent but I’m not attempting to explain renting to a 4 year old)

Alex: What are estate agents?

Me: It’s like a shop which sells houses

Alex: Does Uncle Tom build houses?

Me: No. He sells them.

Alex: Does he paint houses?

Me: No. He shows people around and sells them.

Alex: Who builds houses?

Me: Builders

Alex: Who built our house?

Me: A builder

Alex: What was his name?

Me: I have no idea

Alex: Was it a long time ago?

Me: It was probably before I was born, yes.

Alex: How long ago were you born?

Me: 31 years ago

Alex: Was that a long time ago?

Me: Yes

Alex: What are houses made of?

Me: Bricks. Concrete. Lots of things

Alex: What is concrete?

Me: Um…stuff that holds stuff together

Alex: What is concrete made of?

Me: I have no idea…look Alex, what’s that up there? (pointing to a seagull in an attempt to stem the flow of questions)

Alex: It’s a seagull. Why do seagulls have wings?

Me: To fly

Alex: Do they burn their bottoms if they sit on a chimney?

Me: Probably.

Alex: Why does steam come out of a chimney?

Me: It’s not steam, it’s smoke. Fires create smoke and it comes up through the chimney.

At this point, we reached school (thankfully!). There were many, many more questions but these were just the ones I could remember. Even though it drove me insane, it was interesting to see just how a 4-year-olds mind moves from one topic to another.


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