Project 365: Week 4

The fourth week of Project 365 and I’m really enjoying it. Even though I’ve always taken lots of photos, I’ve realised 99% of them are of the kids. I will never stop taking photos of them, but this has challenged me to look around me more, and be a little bit more creative. I’m also having lots of fun with the filters on my phone and on photo editing software.

January 18th

day 18

I’m not really a big drinker – being pregnant three times in four years, and breastfeeding in the gaps between babies means I’ve haven’t really touched alcohol since before we had Harrison. However, now that I’m not breastfeeding or pregnant I do like the odd drink now and then – a glass of wine on an evening, a few beers with friends. We went to my mum and dads for lunch on Sunday, and had a cheeky brandy and coke!

January 19th 

day 19

The kids love painting, and we haven’t done it much lately, so on Monday we stuck some paper to the easel and let them loose with the paint. I love seeing what they create when they’re left alone!

January 20th

day 20

This was taken on the way to school – it was really cold and frosty.

January 20th

day 21

We’ve been really lucky with Benjamin – generally he is a really content and happy little boy. Today was the first ‘bad’ day we have had with him. He was really unsettled and grumpy, fighting his bottles and sleep.

day 22We went out for our first meal without the kids in almost four years. It was for a review and really was the best Indian meal we’ve ever eaten.

January 23rd

day 23

I love this photo of Graham and Harrison reading together!

January 24th

day 24

We’ve been getting lots of smiles this week off Benjamin, mostly in the morning. We’re yet to capture a proper one on camera, but have lots of cheeky half smiles like this!

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6 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 4”

  1. aaahhh its lovely when they start smiling, makes it all so worthwhile. Easels do make for easier painting, but your quite wise with the floor covered underneath.
    Glad you enjoyed your meal out, and a review is even better, I use to feel going out was a hassle with young children.
    Oh dear at Benjamin being grumpy, hope it does not last too long.
    Commenting on behalf of 365 as well as myself.

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