How to Practically Handle Stress

Stress can affect our quality of life, as it can impact our self-esteem, mindset and general health. Yet, there are ways to eliminate the stresses and strains of daily life to feel happier and healthier. Check out our helpful tips on how to practically handle stress.

Enjoy More Sleep

Sleep deprivation can cause a significant amount of stress to your life. However, it can sometimes be a vicious circle, as stress can interrupt your sleeping pattern. Rather than relying on an over-the-counter medication to enjoy a good night’s rest, you should attempt to relax your body before going to sleep naturally.

For instance, avoid caffeine or alcohol before bed, as it could disturb your sleep. You should also stay away from any electronic devices an hour before bedtime, so your brain can slow down. Other relaxation tips include taking a warm bath or reading a book, which can relax your body before sleep. What’s more, aim to go to bed at the same time each night to develop a reliable sleeping pattern.

Talk to Someone

Talking can often be a helpful way to de-stress, as it allows you to release tension while putting your problems into perspective. In addition to talking to a friend or family member, it might be beneficial to discuss your problems with a trained professional.

For instance, an online counsellor can help you to identify the cause of your stress while helping you to see things clearly. It’s an effective way to change your perspective and improve your quality of life.

Write a Stress Diary

A stress diary can be a handy stress management tool, as it allows you to release the built-up tension from your body while making you more aware of the situations or environments that lead to stress.

Write down the location, date and time of each stressful event, and note who you were with and what you were doing. Also, try to articulate how you felt both physically and emotionally during the stressful episode, and rate your stress levels from one to ten. The stress journal will allow you to identify what is causing your stress, so you can avoid any triggers, situations or people that may be causing your life more harm than good.

Take Control of the Problem

An effective problem-solving technique could be to write down the problem you are currently facing. You should write down a list of possible solutions, before considering the good and bad points of each one. Once you have identified the pros and cons, you will discover the best solution for your needs.

The next step is to write down:

  • What action you need to take
  • How you will complete it
  • When you will complete it
  • Who you might need to help
  • Where you will undertake the task

Time Management

It is time to accept that you cannot possibly do everything at once. You may, therefore, need to prioritize your tasks to eliminate stress from your life. Write a list of all the tasks you need to complete and number them from high-priority to low-priority.

Also, consider if there are any tasks that can be delegated to other people, and identify the urgency level for each task. Don’t forget to leave a little buffer time in between each task for unexpected emergencies, which can reduce stress at home or in the workplace.


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  1. thats great advice and prioritising is so important – My manager at work has taught me to do this when my work piles up and it really helps .

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