Pampering Ourselves & Our Relationships

Where does the time go? More and more it seems like time is whizzing by, especially when you have young children, and sometimes it’s really difficult to find time just for yourself. To unwind, pamper and look after yourself. This is also true with our partners. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mountain of daily tasks that sometimes we forget to make the time to get caught up in each other.

So here are a few simple everyday suggestions on how to make sure we don’t forget our partners and ourselves through little daily things we can do to stay connected.

Mix Up Date Night

If you already give yourselves a ‘night off’ from the kids and regularly enjoy an evening together, then great, it’s crucial. But why not try shaking it up a little? Instead of heading to the same restaurant time and time again why not try something different together? Perhaps join up to a painting course or a salsa class. Anything that you think you’d both enjoy and will make you smile.

Always ‘Check In’

This one is the simplest, but sometimes the hardest to do. To always check-in with your partner at the end of the day. A simple ‘how was your day?’ is such an important question, by being available to be a sounding board for the day’s little disappointments and triumphs goes a long way in supporting and feeling supported in our relationships.

Find Time for Yourselves After Kids Bedtime

So the kids are finally in bed and all you want to do is flop onto the sofa and watch your favourite series on Netflix. We hear you, we all need that time to switch off and tune into our inner telly addict. However, sometimes it’s also important to make sure we make time to inject a little romance into our weekly lives. Something as simple as sharing a bath surrounded by scented candles can make sure you both feel loved and connected.

Just Because Gifts

Forget the predictable birthday and Christmas gifts, a sure-fire way to ensure your partner feels appreciated is by dropping in the odd ‘Just Because’ gift. You don’t have to spend a small fortune, but being thoughtful if he’s been complaining about his broken headphones will show that you do actually listen. See, we really do listen. Sometimes!

It’s the Little Things

Just as you love it when he brings you a cup of tea in bed every morning, he also loves the little things you do for him. We should never lose sight of this even if they begin to feel like thankless gestures. They become thankless because they become interwoven into the fabric of your relationship. The lovely details that keep you working as a team, looking after each other and keeping you feeling cherished.

Start a Hobby Together

Is there anything one of you or both of you have talked about for years that you’d like to give a go? Why wait? Go for those little things that you’ve always wanted to try and where possible do it together. Maybe you both are a little stressed at the moment and keep talking about trying yoga or meditation. Give it whirl. Or perhaps you’ve been biting at the bit to do an online language course or a home study course in something you’re both interested in. Go for it.

Finding things that interest you both that you can enjoy together will do wonders in keeping you connected. Finding time for ourselves and our partners is not always easy, but the simplest things can really make all the difference in keeping ourselves and our relationships healthy and happy.

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