Painting with Kids

Painting with kids


Ever since Harrison was about six months old, we’ve done lots of painting. It’s always lots of fun, but it can get messy! Sometimes, it can be offputting, buy finpecia online, and the clean up operation afterwards can be a nightmare. After managing painting with kids (thirty of them!) in a classroom, I’ve got a few ideas for keeping it under control (as much as you can with kids), which I thought I’d share.

Table Covering

Or even better, paint in areas that are easy to clean. We used to do it in the kitchen where we were close to the sink and I could mop the floor. Now it has to be in the lounge which thankfully has laminate flooring. In the summer, we try and take the paint outside where it doesn’t matter if we make a mess. When that’s not possible, we cover the floor and the table – this can be with a wipe clean tablecloth, old sheet, small piece of tarpaulin, or a cheap £1 shop shower curtain.

Cover up clothes

Believe me, even washable paint isn’t always washable. We’ve never bothered buying special aprons – we stick them in old clothes or daddy’s old t-shirts.

Painting with Children

I tend to just put two or three colours out at a time, otherwise it just ends up one big brown sludgy mess! Also, if I’m feeling particularly lazy, I put the paint onto paper plates rather than paint palettes – can just chuck them away when they’re finished with.


Have baby wipes or a bowl of warm soapy water and a towel ready. When they were younger, I had a bath ready and waiting ready to dunk them straight in. You really don’t want to be chasing a toddler with paint on their hands around the house!


If I want a relatively low mess painting activity, I get the watercolours out – they’re never quite as messy as poster paint!


What are your top tips for painting with kids?





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  1. Just started painting with Seb, my other half says we’ll put him in waterproofs next time! Thank you for the tips!

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