My Happiness Non-Negotiables List

Happiness means different things to different people. What makes one person happy is not the same for another. Even the very definition of it is ambiguous, with The Oxford Dictionary defining it as ‘the state of feeling or showing pleasure’.

Hannah at Budding Smiles has tagged me to write a list of the things that make me happy – the things that I don’t (or shouldn’t!) negotiate on.

My blog

My blog is my 4th baby. When I started it two and a half years ago, I never thought I would keep it up for a month, let alone this long. When I can’t blog, I feel miserable. It genuinely makes me happy, and until it stops doing that, I will always make time for it until it stops doing that.

My nails

Just before Christmas, I started to have my nails done, and it’s become something I really enjoy. I love looking down and seeing beautifully shaped and painted nails. It’s become something that I make sure I have the time and the money to have done.


I’ve recently cut back on the amount of coffee I drink at home – I’ll be writing about that very soon – but I will still always make time for a good cup of coffee. Once every couple of weeks, I go off to Costa to work for a bit, and enjoy a Vanilla skinny latte with an extra shot of espresso. That hour or so is a moment that I look forward to and treasure.


I would much rather sit and watch a film than most TV shows, and luckily Graham is the same, so most nights we stick a movie on. We subscribe to all the movie channels on Virgin and also have a Netflix subscription – our Virgin bill would be a lot cheaper if we removed the films, but it is something that we all enjoy, and so that is definitely a ‘none-negotiable’. We have also looked at resources like this post on Infinity Dish to find out how we can watch TV for free when the mood takes us.


For a long time, I barely listened to music. We didn’t have a stereo in the car and whilst we were at home it was usually the TV on. I forgot how much I love music, and how a good track can really uplift my mood. Most evenings I now stick my earphones in and listen to Spotify in bed, and it really helps me to chill out and relax before I go to sleep. 

So, there you have it – my ‘non-negotiables’ for happiness. I now tag Kim at Life of an Auntie and Laura at Mind Mood Mommy to share theirs.

4 thoughts on “My Happiness Non-Negotiables List”

  1. This is a lovely list. I’m with you on the nails, a simple little pamper time which is what I need every couple of weeks (so worth paying for Shellac) and I’m a tea fan

  2. Brilliant idea and cute little list you got here – they all make me happy too. I guess going for a pamper and spending qulaity time with my family really makes me happy too.

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