Meal Planning Monday 25/6/18

This week is (I think!) a relatively quiet one compared to how it has been the past few months. The boys all have their taster days in their new classes – Harrison will be spending a day at his new Junior school, and I’ll be taking Benjamin in for a short session in the nursery. We’ve also got one of Alex’s friends coming for tea on Friday, and on Saturday, we are off to the National Armed Forces Day celebrations in Llandudno – we’re super excited about that! It’s not a particularly inspiring meal plan this week – I’m beginning to run out of new ideas, so if you have anything to suggest, please let me know!

Meal Plan

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Chicken fajitas

Sausage, mashed potato and beans

Tuna pasta bake

Spaghetti bolognaise and garlic bread

Chicken nuggets, chips and beans


Pork Roast Dinner

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