Meal Planning Monday 18/11/19

I was trying to think about what to write here because I usually give a little summary of what is going to happen in our week, but actually, I don’t think there is anything of importance happening this week. That scares me a little bit – it doesn’t happen very often, so of course, I’ve probably forgotten about something huge! If I haven’t, it’s a very ordinary week of school, work and well, that’s about it.


Meal Plan

Steak dinner

Sausage casserole, mashed potato and veg

Beef and broccoli stirfry

Salmon fishcakes, wedges and peas

Homemade pheasant, bacon and leek pie with mashed potato and veg

Roast dinner

4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 18/11/19”

  1. Sounds like a lovely selection – especially the pheasant pie. I need to get back into meal planning, saves so much time, and money!

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