Meal Planning Monday 15/2/21

Half term!

Not that it makes a huge amount of difference at the moment! The boys have asked if they can catch up on bits of school work they have missed (yes, my children are odd!) and we will do some crafts and fun stuff. On Thursday, we have to go and give notice for our wedding, so we are going to have a walk while we are there.

Ben is back at school after half term as well – Infant children are all going back here in Wales. He is really looking forward to it. I am going to miss him lots though – and I’m not looking forward to having to do school runs again!

meal planning monday

Meal Planning Monday

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Chicken and mozzerella pie, mashed potato and veg

Chilli con carne and rice

King prawns in garlic chilli sauce and spaghetti

Sausage casserole and mash

Gammon, roast potatoes and peas

Pizza and chips

Roast dinner

One thought on “Meal Planning Monday 15/2/21”

  1. My youngest has a little school work to do. She’s getting ahead instead of catching up though.
    I like the sound of the Chicken and mozzarella pie. Great meal plan x

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