How to Make Christmas Chocolate Bark

With two children at school and at least three very hard working members of staff in each of their classes,  buying gifts for school staff is beginning to get very expensive. I know from personal experience that staff don’t expect a gift at Christmas, but I know just how much they go beyond their job description and how much they deserve appreciation, and a small gift is a nice to way to show it. I can’t afford to spend a fortune though, and that’s where our our homemade Christmas chocolate bark comes into it.

Christmas Chocolate Bark |

It’s really really easy to make and you can make a lot very cheaply. We went to Aldi and bought loads of their 100g milk chocolate bars, which cost 30p.  400g does two enough for two bags of Christmas chocolate bark. We bought a couple of packs of candy canes from the pound shop, some smarties and I’m waiting on some pretty festive cellophane bags from eBay, which cost about £2.50 for 20. I reckon it’s cost us under a tenner for 10 bags of the bark, and we had fun making it. Most importantly, it tastes REALLY good. It’s taking me some willpower not to break open the tub in the fridge before the end of term!

Christmas Chocolate Bark |

Christmas Chocolate Bark

  • Melt some chocolate in the microwave until it is melted. We put it in for 30 seconds at a time and then took it out for a quick stir.
  • Pour into a tray lined with foil or greaseproof paper
  • Add your toppings. We used crushed up candy canes to give it a minty taste and some Smarties.
  • Pop into the fridge for a few hours. We left it overnight to make sure it was nice and hard!
  • Break it into pieces

Christmas Chocolate Bark |

We even had a go at making our first vlog showing how we did it. It’s not perfect, but here it is!

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  1. This is such a great idea and looks delicious. It’s great that it is relatively cheap to make as well, plus it’s homemade so it always tastes better x

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