Lock Your Kids Away: How To Prepare For Home Renovations

Home renovations are inevitably hellish to go through. Although we love the results, it doesn’t mean that we enjoy the process of covering our gorgeous homes with dust and having to completely change our daily routines. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier on everyone…

Warn Your Neighbours

Even if you don’t know your neighbours particularly well, you should probably warn them there’s going to be a bit of upheaval and noise from your house for a while. Make sure that the builders don’t start too early in the morning and that they don’t work at weekends. Being on good terms with your neighbours will make everything a whole lot easier – they’ll be much more likely to cut you some slack if the renovation goes over time, and who knows? You could end up making some new friends.

Make Other Plans

Depending on which room is being renovated, you might have to make other plans to go about your daily routine for a few weeks. If your kitchen is being renovated then it’s probably a good idea to get a hot plate and keep it along with your microwave and toaster in another room for the duration of the renovation, along with a miniature fridge. That means that you can at least have some semblance of dinner! You could also treat yourself to takeout and to restaurant meals. If your bathroom is being renovated then make plans to shower elsewhere – maybe at your gym. You could always take your kids swimming and make sure they shower thoroughly afterwards. If your parents live close by, you could wash there – or alternatively you could go old fashioned and have sponge baths and wash your hair in the sink for a few days.

Keep Communicating

Make sure that you keep communicating with your builders about what exactly is going on and how long they expect it to take. The most frustrating thing about renovations is having them stretch on much longer than you expected, so it’s a good idea to make your expectations clear and to ensure that you’re fully informed if they’re going to go over time. Likewise, make sure they tell you if the cost is going to be any different from what they initially told you. Make sure you work with a reputable firm like Poplar Home Improvements.

Keep Your Routines The Same

If you have kids, you’ll soon find that they’re confused and maybe even upset by their daily routines changing. Make sure that their bedtimes stay the same and that you try to treat the whole thing as an adventure rather than an inconvenience – kids are so much more perceptive than you might think, so they’re likely to pick up on your mood if you’re feeling irritable! Ensure that they get healthy, nutritional dinners and don’t worry about them being cold if necessary – salad can be just as healthy, if not more so, than hot food. Make sure that their doors are always shut during the day so no dust and mess gets into their rooms and that any dangerous tools are always out of their reach.

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