Brownies, Stripes and Eddie Redmayne #LittleLoves

Can you believe that we are a full week into the new year already?If this week is anything to go by, 2016 is going to fly past! Harrison went back to school on Tuesday, and although it has been nice getting back into a routine, I miss the lazy mornings and later movie nights that we had almost ever day in the holidays!

This is the first time I am joining in with Little Loves on Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. The idea of this is to think about the little things that I have loved this week. On with this weeks….


I haven’t read a book in such a long time, other than with Harrison, but this week I have read lots of blog posts. One that has really stood out to me is this beautiful one by Mama Mim. I am determined this year to read more books – I love reading but never seem to have the time to pick up a book these days!


I’ve watched so many films over the past couple of weeks. I’ve finally watched all the Die Hard films in order, and the other night Graham and I sat and watched a film that my dad recommended to us, called Kingsman: The Secret Service.  It’s not a film that I would have normally chosen to watch but it was really, really funny. I also watched The Theory of Everything again – I’m a huge fan of Eddie Redmayne and I think it is a beautiful film.


This week Ben has really started to utter a few words. He now tells me ‘more’ when he wants more food on his spoon, and says hello to just about everything. I’ve also been listening to ‘Lay It All On Me’ by Rudimental and Ed Sheehan a lot – I love it!!!


Nothing particularly special for me – my usual ‘mummy uniform’ of leggings and long tops!! Harrison and Alex are pretty much living in their superhero costumes that they had for Christmas, and I am loving Benjamin in this little white and navy striped top from Gap that my nan bought him – as soon as it is washed it is back on, and has managed to stay white (so far!).



On the weekend I was watching some old episodes of The Great British Bake Off, and of course wanted cake!! I’m crap at baking and hadn’t really got the stuff in the house to make one – until I remembered that just before Christmas I bought some chocolate brownie mix from Tesco. It was the stuff that you literally add 60ml of water, mix and whack it in the oven. It wasn’t the prettiest cake in the world, but boy, did it taste good!

Chocolate brownie cake mmmm #food #foodporn #cake #baking #chocolate #chocolatebrownie #instafood

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And lastly…

Benjamin has turned into a proper little toddler this week. He has pretty much stopped crawling and is toddling round relatively confidently. He’s mostly feeding himself and has learn what makes us laugh – he loves hiding his head under a blanket and saying ‘BOO!’. However, with this has come the toddler tantrums and sulks, which I have to admit are pretty damn cute at times!



How was your week?



11 thoughts on “Brownies, Stripes and Eddie Redmayne #LittleLoves”

  1. So happy that you’ve decided to join in with Little Loves this year!
    Oh my goodness that chocolate brownie cake! I would eat that right now!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. This is my first time joining in too, it’s such a lovely idea isn’t it! I completely with you with wanting to read more, it’s just finding the time isn’t it. Also that cake looks bloody lovely (that’s my kind of baking too haha) xx

  3. Oh bless they really grow up way too fast. Toddlerville is so fun to watch them learning and changing so much so fast. Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. #littleloves

  4. I love the Die Hard films, especially the Christmassy one which my husband insisted on watching over Christmas!

  5. Those brownies look looooooovely. Definitely gonna make some next week. And those stripes look adorable, you can definitely never have too many stripes in a babies wardrobe!

  6. I’d eat that brownie out of the tin with a spoon! I was watching reruns of GBBO recently too. Had to turn them off before I went in search of cake and chocolate, although I’m thinking today is a good day for cake! What a little cutie you have there in his stripey top, they’re adorable when they start toddling aren’t they. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  7. Oooh the Little Loves linky sounds fantastic. We always forget the little things in the week so this would be ideal to link up with.

    I love that post on Mim’s blog.

    Laura x

  8. I am exactly like you with books, I really wish I read more but I struggle to just get on with it. I do love reading blogs though. You’ve just reminded me of the films on my hitlist that I really want to watch, hopefully I can snatch the hubby away from his Kindle to watch a movie with me in the evening and see those too. It’s so cute when they start toddling, sounds like little man is doing amazingly. My older ones are always in superhero outfits too. Theirs are onesies (pyjamas) that my Mum got them though so they just like being comfy in them. xxx great to see your posts this year #littleloves

  9. Aww I was just sent a link to this – how did I miss it – thank you so much for your lovely words lady x x

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