Keeping Your Home Secure From Intrusion

Managing to keep your home secure and safe from intrusion is one of the biggest stresses that we have, but also one of the things that we don’t do enough about. It’s like one of the biggest juxtapositions that we are living with. You don’t need to go overboard and start hooking up CCTV all around your property, but there are little changes that you can make within your life so that you have peace of mind that you have done the most that you can to keep prevent unwanted break-ins.

Change the Locks

When you move into a new home, not much thought is given to who may have a set of keys to get in. Mostly, the intent of a home sale isn’t as sinister as to break back in, but nowadays you can never be too sure. Get in touch with a reliable company such as SJO Locksmith to ensure that your locks are changed. In an ideal world, this should be happening every time you lose a set of keys or every couple of years just to ensure that there is no outside entry. It may seem like a bit of a pedantic thing to do, but it will keep you safe going forward.

Check the Windows and Doors

Most intruders gain access through windows and doors that haven’t been secured. If your windows have locks on them, make sure that you are utilising them and ensuring that they are properly locked whenever you leave the house. If you have noticed that the windows and doors aren’t shutting as cleanly and quickly as you would like, or that if a simple shove can gain you access (handy if you’re locked out, but not so much if other people can get in), it’s time to consider a replacement.

Keep Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch schemes are still alive and well and more active than ever. There has been an increase in home-related crimes over the past decade – mainly due to our need to constantly update our portable gadgets and technology, such as smartphones and tablets – yet most burglaries that have been disturbed have been due to a neighbour or friend of the homeowner disrupting them. If you are at home when your neighbour is not, and vice versa, this can work out to be a great little scheme between you. Who needs security?

Don’t Make A Routine

Another scary thought is that you don’t know who’s watching you at any given point. Most break-ins are done on the assumption that you won’t be at home – but how do they know this? Clever criminals make a note of when and where you will be at a certain time, and at what point you will return. This is especially done more so if you keep exactly to time. It is hard to break routine, especially if you are in a job that demands it, but maybe popping home at lunch if you are able to or getting a neighbour to let themselves in at odd times during the day can help immensely in breaking up what the criminals are looking for.


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