Important Things To Know Before Your Australian Road Trip

If you plan on taking the best road trip with your partner, friends or family, there is no better place than Australia. The Outback offers a variety of road trips that will take you from adventurous and rugged terrains to scenic coastlines and old-world towns.

Here are a few things to know beforehand to make your trip go smoothly:

Speed limit

Most countries have speed limits, but Australia is very strict when it comes to this. Always follow the speed limit. If you go 13 km/h over the assigned speed limit, you are already required to pay around AUD 162. And the price gets even more expensive as the speed limit goes up.

Other than being on the lookout for the speed limit signs, make sure your hire car has GPS on it. They usually indicate the speed limit already so you can adjust your driving.

Plan your breaks at one of the many camping sites

Once you have chosen which state or territory you plan on going, you will see that there are a lot of parks and reserves that campers can stop by. These sites offer facilities like protected areas for camping, charging spots, private restrooms, and picnic shelters. If you find that you have been on the road for a very long time, you can stop by any of the sites and pay only a minimal fee.

Make sure you check out the weather before you visit

It’s very hot in Australia, some places more than in others. For a comfortable road trip, target the southern and middle territories during the summer so there’s less heat; then visit the northern territories during the winter.

Budget accordingly

Depending on how long you are going to drive, expect to shell out money for fuel and snacks. Before you start your trip, research about camp park fees (if there are any) and fuel prices just to get an idea. However, expect to spend at least AUD 100 a day on fuel if you are going to drive for the whole day.

Get used to losing phone service

Especially if you are planning to go on a little hike or nature walk, you might find that you do not have service on your phone. When this happens, do not stray too far from camp so you can get back easily. Or, bring a satellite phone if you can get it.

Be on the lookout for animal warning signs

In some places in Australia, there is free roaming wildlife,  which means they may cross your path while on the road. There are road signs usually warning you about emus and kangaroos

Pack entertainment for the road trip

Some people realise too late that, for most of the drive, it’s going to be one long stretch of road. You’re all bound to get bored especially if there’s nowhere else to go. So make sure you pack something that can entertain everyone while on the road. Make sure to stop every time you see a vantage point that offers good views of the coastline.

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