I’m going to #BML16!

Three weeks today is an event that I have been looking forward to all year -BML16. It used to be called BritMums Live, and it’s big blogging conference that I ‘ve wanted to go to since I started blogging. I’ve never been confident enough to go, but this year, I’ve finally realised that’s a bit daft, and I’ve got a ticket. It is only because of my wonderful sponsor, Childcare.co.uk, that I’m able to go.

I’m so, so, SO excited, and all my family are probably fed up of me talking about it. I’ve been to a few blogging conferences before, but absolutely nothing on this level. I’ve got a few very close blogging buddies that I can’t wait to meet up with, and I know that I won’t be walking around like a billy no-mates, which makes me less nervous. I’m also really looking forward to spending my first night away in a hotel by myself – hot uninterrupted bath, a doubled bed to myself and a lie in!!!

BritMums have put together a linky for everyone who is attending as a sort of ice breaker, so here goes…

My name: Rachel

My blog: Parenthood Highs and Lows. It’s a parenting and lifestyle blog, and although I hate the name of it (no idea how I came up with that one, but it’s stuck now!), it’s my 4th baby.

Find me on social media: I’m on them all – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

How I look: Tall, overweight, long brown hair (although I’m hoping it will be blonde-ish by then!) and blue eyes.

Is this my first blogging event? Nope. I’ve been to blog camp twice, and I went to Blogfest and Funfest last year. I’m a Britmums virgin though, so have absolutely no idea what to expect!

I’ll be wearing: Depending on the weather, either this dress (not with the heels though!) or leggings and a long top.

Summer style - cut out back floral print midi dress from JD Williams | www.aprenthoodhighsandlows.com

What I hope to gain from BML16: To be honest, my main reason for going is to meet up with other bloggers, but I’m really looking forward to most of the sessions – just need to work out which ones I’m going to!

My tips for a great conference: 

  • Dress comfortably
  • Remember everyone is probably as nervous as you
  • Don’t be afraid to approach people
  • Drink wine!

4 thoughts on “I’m going to #BML16!

  1. Oh fabulous, have a wonderful time. Great c to find out a bit more about you even though I’m not going. I love that dress!

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