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As regular readers of my blog will know, we recently moved from Birmingham to North Wales. It was a huge move for us, and one that almost five weeks later we have no regrets whatsoever about. The main reason we moved is that we absolutely loathed the hustle and bustle of a big city like Birmingham and yearned for a much quieter, slower and peaceful way of life.

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It seems like we aren’t alone. Flogas recently carried out a survey of 910 Brits and found that a massive 85% of respondents have, at some point, considered moving out of the city and living ‘off-grid’. Whilst where we are is certainly not off grid, just twenty minutes or so down the road is the rural mountain area of Snowdonia, which in parts is probably a little bit off grid. In fact, just down the road where we went on holiday is quite remote. There was absolutely no phone signal, and some of the houses are not connected to the gas network.

I got thinking about what I would miss if we lived in a remote area, and to be honest, the first thing that I thought of was the internet. I would probably prioritise that over quite a few other things, such as a local shop. After all, I could use the internet to order my shopping to be delivered! I’m not entirely sure I could live completely off-grid, but hey, I managed with no TV or internet for almost a week when we moved here and I survived – just about.

What else did Flogas find out?

  • Well, running water, gas and electricity is a priority for most people for heat and cooking. A very brave 8% reckon they’re not something to worry about – obviously Bear Grylls family!!!
  • 80% of people reckon that living in a remote area would suit them.
  • Almost half of the people surveyed would miss their smartphone within a week (a week? I’d miss mine within about ten minutes!)
  • Men (34%) had more of an urge to move away and live remotely than women (28%).
  • 77% think they would be ok changing a gas canister (ha! I wouldn’t know where to start!)
  • Gas is important to 64% of people.
  • 25% people think they could sustain themselves and wouldn;t be concerned with not having a local shop.
  • 25% of millennials (apparently I’m a millennial!) often want to get away from society.

What do you think of the survey? What would you miss the most if you lived in the middle of nowhere?

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