How To Save For The Unexpected

Saving money is always what most families want, however, it can be hard to find additional money for things that crop up so trying to put some money away can be a great idea. Though, in reality, being able to save when you have kids and bills to pay can seem impossible. Although saving is hard, it isn’t impossible, all you need to do is oversee your costs and calculate how much you can put to the side each paycheck. Here are a few tips to help you.

Keep Your Savings Separate

Any small amount that you manage to save needs to be somewhere that you cannot easily get to it. It might sound strange, but if you keep it in your normal bank account, there is the temptation to use it. Open a separate account for your savings, or if you have coins, keep them in a jar somewhere. After a little while, you will get used to doing it, and you should be able to save some money.

Save the Pennies

When you are trying to save, it doesn’t matter how much you put away; the important thing is that you are doing it. Even if you are only able to save the odd few pounds, this is still better than nothing. You should also try not to worry about how slow the saving is going, think of it as an investment. No matter how small the amount you save, it will help you when something unexpected happens.

Try More DIY

Not everyone is good at DIY but giving things a try can save you a lot of money. For example, if the car needs to be fixed, then see if this is something you can do yourself. Even if it means that you need to look for car jack picks to get a new one, it will still be cheaper than taking it to a mechanic and you can make simple fixes yourself. The same applies to the house; you can save money by fitting a carpet yourself or cleaning your own windows. You can then take a portion of the money you have saved and put it aside.

Check Your Outgoings

Despite the fact that you might be on a tight budget, there may be some small things you can cut back on to save money. Think about your food shopping, could you get more deals to save money? Perhaps you can search for more money off vouchers on the things you normally buy. You should also look at the things you might do without realising, for example, getting that cup of coffee on the way to work. If you take a travel cup of coffee with you instead, you will save money. Perhaps you can walk to work instead of getting the bus, or perhaps cycle there? Any money you save from this process you can save for emergencies.

Even the thriftiest household may have things that the can do to save a little money. If you can, then it will make those unexpected bills more manageable.

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